Flogg is the leader of the Evil Mutants and the secondary antagonist of The New Adventures of He-Man. He is the commander of the Mutant Mothership and the Mutant invasion of Primus, though is later manipulated by Skeletor into helping him destroy He-Man.

He was voiced by Alvin Sanders.


In the distant future, Flogg led the Evil Mutants of Denebria in an invasion of planet Primus. As a pacifist world with little in way of defending themselves beyond the protective shield around their planet, the people of Primus went to the past to enlist He-Man to help defend their planet. However, Skeletor caught wind of them and, posing as a good guy, convinced them to bring him along with them. After both he and He-Man traveled to the future though, Skeletor dropped his "good guy act" and left to go ally with the Evil Mutants.

Offering his services to Flogg, Skeletor convinced the Mutant leader to help him destroy He-Man, stating that was something he would need to do if he wanted to conquer Primus. Though nominally still the leader of the mutants, Flogg was often manipulated by Skeletor to further his goals.

In the finale, after attempting a final invasion of Primus, Flogg is defeated and agrees to surrender.


  • In the comics, Flogg, instead of serving as leader of the Mutants, became second-in-command to Skeletor after he took over, in a reversal of their roles from the cartoon series.


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