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The Flores are plant-like creatures who are the main antagonists in the two-part episode, "Fugitive Flowers". They were criminals who tried to devour the nutrients in the soil to become giant and strong, making all plant life wither and die.

They were voiced by Tress MacNeille, Frank Welker and other unknown actors/actresses.


The Flores are plant-like creatures who devour nutrients in soil to become big and strong but were captured and imprisoned by the the Crab Nasties for their crimes. They managed to escape and trick a pony named Posey into feeling sorry for them and letting them into her garden. The ponies and Megan unwittingly protect them and the Flores suggest to them to trap them in a cave until they are strong enough to deal with them. Despite the Crab Nasties trying to explain their true purpose and the true nature of the Flores, the ponies and Megan imprison them in the cave. However, Whizzer and Masquerade have a bad feeling that they are telling the truth seeing as that they saw them chasing the Flores earlier and that they never explained who they really were. That night, the Flores suck up all the nutrients in the soil to turn them into big and strong plant-like monsters and it destroys Posey's garden. Having witnessed this, Masquerade tries to warn everyone but gets captured by the Flores.

Fortunately, Whizzer sees this and frees Masquerade. The ponies and Megan now realize their mistake and team up with the Crab Nasties (who had escaped earlier). The Flores fight the ponies, Megan and Crab Nasties but are defeated and stripped of their monstrous forms and taken to prison again.


The Flores are very evil and cunning seeing as that they used their small beautiful form to trick the ponies and Megan into feeling sorry for them. However, they revealed their true nature in wanting to devour all the nutrients from the soil to make everything wither and die. However, only one Flore was portrayed as comedic.


  • They are sometimes called Flories. This could be a misspelled name like Tirac's name was misspelled as Tirek.


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