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Flower is the overall secondary protagonist as well as the central antagonist of the Battle For Dream Island series.

She was a contestant and the main antagonist of Battle For Dream Island's first season, a minor character in Battle For Dream Island Again, and the main protagonist in Battle For BFDI, a.k.a Battle For BFB.[1]

She is voiced by Michael Huang, who also voiced Pencil in all previous BFDI seasons and Four in BFB.


Flower appears to be a yellow flower with pink petals. Her petals are round and a light shade of magenta, her center is yellow and she has a black stick body. She also owns a pair of "Non Slip Shoes So Ha" and a "Glitter For Your Face" sweater. From BFB 20 to 22, she was potted.


Battle for Dream Island (Again)

Hated by most contestants, Flower is shown to be a selfish, cowardly, ungrateful, violent, and short-tempered bully who would go to drastic extremes to get what she wants, even by threatening hosts and viewers. She is perfectly willing to destroy the Recovery Centers if pushed far enough, as seen in "BFDI 25: Return of the Hang Glider".[1]

She also believes nothing should stop her in her way to winning Dream Island, including the Announcer and viewers. The latter obviously stopped her very quickly since she was the first eliminated, but rejoined in "The Glistening". Overall, she placed fourth in BFDI, but returned in the finale.[1]


Not much could be said about her in IDFB since she wasn't seen much, but it probably would mark the transition between a narcissistic jerkass to a jerk with a heart of gold.

Battle For BFDI / BFB

In BFB, while Flower is somewhat rude to others (such as pushing Bomby and Tennis Ball off of a staircase in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps"), she is shown to be much calmer and even friendly at times, especially through her interactions with contestants like Gelatin, Ruby, and Woody. She is also shown to have a selfless side, such as in "Chapter Complete" when she gives up the the BFDI to the Announcer, and then gives the BFB to Gelatin.[1]

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