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In this world, IT'S KILL OR BE KILLED.
~ Flowey's catchphrase.
Howdy! It's me, Flowey. Flowey the Flower! I owe you a huge thanks. You really did a number on that old fool. Without you, I never could have gotten past him. But now, with your help... He's DEAD. And I've got the human souls! Boy! I've been empty for so long... It feels great to have a soul inside me again. Mmmm, I can feel them wriggling... Awww, you're feeling left out, aren't you? Well, that's just perfect. After all, I only have six souls. I still need one more... Before I become GOD. And then, with my newfound powers... Monsters. Humans. Everyone. I'll show them all the REAL meaning of this world.
~ Flowey before transforming into "Photoshop Flowey".
Let's destroy everything in this wretched world. Everyone, everything in these worthless memories... Let's turn 'em all to dust.
~ Flowey on the Genocide Route.
I knew you had it in you!
~ Flowey if the player chose to kill him.

Asriel Dreemurr, later known as Flowey the Flower, is the mascot of the Undertale series, serving as the main antagonist of the original Undertale (serving as the main antagonist of the Neutral and True Pacifist Routes, and the deuteragonist of the Genocide Route) and a mentioned character in Deltarune.

He is the first character to meet Frisk after the latter loses their way and falls into the Underground, and would eventually go on to become their archenemy. Flowey primarily appears as a small golden flower, hence his name.


~ Another catchprase Flowey has.

Initially, Flowey operates under a façade of friendliness and politeness. He often greets the protagonist with southern jargon, such as "Howdy!", calls himself "your best friend", and (like his father) appends polite words such as "gosh" and "golly" to the ends of his sentences. Whenever he drops this guise of friendliness, he often calls the protagonist an "idiot". Due to lacking a soul, Flowey can't feel any positive emotions such as happiness (unless it's from sadism) or love (despite his best efforts to feel it).

Flowey has a malevolent and cruel disposition, berating the protagonist for not following his "kill or be killed" philosophy. Despite this, he also criticizes the protagonist at the end of the Ruins if they killed any monster. He is a greedy, arrogant, egocentric, manipulative, devious, sly, and cunning planner, who is subtle if the circumstances require it. He retains his memories between SAVEs because he was once able to SAVE. On the Genocide Run, Flowey becomes actually terrified of Frisk (now seemingly taken over by Chara), shaking in fear and killing his own father just to prove his usefulness, which ultimately ends with the human brutally slashing him to pieces.

Say. If I have ONE piece of advice for you... DON'T. Let his brother. Find out ANYTHING about you. He'll... well... Let's just say. He's caused me more than my fair share of resets. Stay away from that guy.
~ Flowey about Sans.

Sans is the only monster Flowey is wary of, or maybe even fears. This relationship goes as far as telling Frisk to stay aware from him if they do multiple Neutral Runs and actively trying to make sure Sans won't know anything about him. Flowey implies that Sans fought him multiple times back when the flower had the power to RESET, causing many RESETS to happen. In contrast, Flowey is friends with his brother, Papyrus, although this causes everyone else to think the skeleton has a imaginary friend due to hiding from everyone.

Before his death, Asriel was a docile, unadventurous and loving child. He cared for the First Human as a sibling, and he trusted them when they came up with a plan to escape the Underground that involved them consuming buttercups.

After Alphys resurrects him without a SOUL as Flowey, Asriel becomes incapable of feeling love or empathy, which in turn causes him to become resentful, twisted, and evil.

After temporarily regaining his compassion, he apologizes for his actions to Frisk and realizes the gravity of his actions as a flower. He also tries to make amends by releasing the SOULs that he has taken, and expresses happiness at being forgiven and consoled by Frisk.

Asriel also appears to have inherited his dad's bad naming skills; in a similar vein to Asgore calling his new home "New Home", Asriel calls his flower form "Flowey", which is just "Flower" with the R replaced with a Y.


Flowey usually appears as a sentient, grinning golden flower with a white androecium, six yellow petals, and a light green stem. He can contort his face into a variety of expressions and mimic the faces and voices of other characters. He mimics Toriel and Asgore in some situations, as well as his old self at the end of the Genocide Route. He also mimics the protagonist's face before the Neutral Route's final battle.

Photoshop Flowey

After absorbing the human SOULs, Flowey transforms into a grotesque, flower-shaped hybrid of plant tissue, human organs, and machinery. Consisting entirely of rendered images, Photoshop Flowey is stylistically different from anything else in the game.

He has two sideways jaws, with tiny lumps on the end, and has two orifices that resemble nostrils, as well as an eye on each side with moving and pulsating irises, located within hollowed mouths. On top of his "face", he has a box TV that switches between a smiling face with huge teeth and sideways eyes that flash red and green. It will also flash vague, distorted black and white images of a terrified human face. The bottom of the mouth can overlap the TV's frame. He has metal, bumpy pipes that resemble petals and connect to the television and the jaws of his "face".

These jaws have floating eyes with moving and pulsating irises. He has many tubes that exit behind his monstrous form, and big, thick vines that move away from him. He has cactus-like arms with red claws and dangling vines with leaves on them. His hands have the ability to retract and transform into Venus Flytraps.

Photoshop Flowey's new body resembles that of the DT Extraction Machine's structure, albeit now filled with teeth, gums, and eyeballs. Alphys used this machine to extract Determination from six previously captured human SOULs - the same SOULs that Photoshop Flowey uses to power himself.

Asriel Dreemurr

Similar to Toriel and Asgore, Asriel is a goat with long ears, a snout, and visible fangs. In his initial form, he wears a green, long-sleeved shirt with yellow stripes and black pants, similar to the First Human's clothing. He also has a small wisp of fur on his head and lacks horns.

God of Hyperdeath

This form is named directly in the game, where the "Check" option labels Asriel as "the absolute GOD of Hyperdeath!" The sclerae of his eyes become black, his fangs become longer, and he has a pair of horns. He wears a long dark robe with white sleeves and the Delta Rune on the front, with a large collar and shoulder pads. This robe is similar to Toriel's. He also wears a locket similar to the Heart Locket.


Asriel's body becomes more geometric, his horns are longer, and his teeth get sharper. He has a pair of wings that continuously change color, and his lower body becomes sharp and heart-shaped.

While this form is not directly named, being referred to as simply ASRIEL, it resembles the Delta Rune, which looks like the "Angel of Death" from the prophecy.

Powers and abilities

As Flowey

  • "Friendliness Pellets": Flowey's sole attack in this form where he summons small white dots (deceptively dubbed "friendliness pellets") to strike the player's SOUL and damage it.
    • Friendliness Circle: Flowey's most dangerous attack in this form where he summons an entire pellet circle around the player's SOUL to prevent them from escaping and then unleash a one hit kill. He would have killed Frisk at the beginning of the game this way had Toriel not intervened, and outright killed Asgore with it during the penultimate boss battle when he was weakened.
  • Burrowing: At certain points in the game, the player can walk back the way they came to see Flowey had been following them before he burrows away underground.
  • Vine Manipulation: Flowey can control vines, as he used them to block Frisk from leaving a room and to trap and grab Frisk's friends.
  • SOUL Absorption: Flowey can absorb all seven human souls to enter his Photoshop Flowey form and the most powerful enemy in the Pacifist route.
  • SAVE and LOAD: Flowey seems to have the ability to save and load as well to repeatedly kill Frisk.

As Photoshop Flowey

  • X-Shaped Projectiles: Flowey can fire X-shaped projectiles from his other eyes.
  • Flamethrowers: Flowey was able to use flamethrowers from the side of him.
  • Beam: He is able to shoot a big blue beam from his other mouth.
  • Venus Fly-traps: He can summon venus-fly traps which sucks in flies that damage.
  • Bombs: Flowey can create bombs that have his original counterparts face on it.
  • Finger-gun: Flowey can make plants into finger guns that shoot fingers.
  • Cactus Mouths: Flowey can fire bouncing cactus balls that have mouths.

As "God of Hyperdeath"

  • Hyper Goner: Asriel turns into a monstrous goat skull devouring the entire timeline.
  • Star Blazing: Asriel calls down a rain of shooting stars that explode into clusters of smaller stars.
  • Shocker Breaker: Asriel calls down a barrage of lightning bolts.
  • Fire Magic: Asriel has Inherited fire magic from his parents, letting him call down a rain of fireballs.
  • Control Over Existence: After absorbing the souls of every monster in the Underground, Asriel gained the ability to manipulate existence itself. He can effortlessly pull down and destroy stars, reset the entire timeline back to a previous point, and swallow and destroy whole universes with just a fraction of his power.
  • Chaos Sabers: Asriel has the ability to summon 2 swords, which are called "Chaos Sabers." He uses these to atack Frisk, and it can create small sparkles to attack after wards.
  • Chaos Buster: Asriel's arm turns into a "Chaos Buster", which can shoot 3 lines off magical bullets fastly. Asriel can then charge the Chaos Buster which fills it with rainbow magic and can fire a beam of the said rainbow magic.


  • Energy Bullets/Beam: In Asriel's final form, he fires lots of rainbow energy bullets at Frisk, then at the end, he uses a powerful rainbow beam at Frisk, the beam getting bigger and bigger.


Neutral Run

Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!
~ Flowey introducing himself to the player, and one of his most famous lines.
Hee hee hee. So you finally get it. In this world... It's KILL or BE killed.''
~ Flowey if the player kills Asgore.
You IDIOT. You haven't learned a thing. Hee hee hee. In this world... It's KILL or BE killed.''
~ Flowey if the player spares Asgore.
Oh, and forget about escaping to your old SAVE FILE. It's gone FOREVER.
~ Flowey if the player saves at least once.
Golly, if only you had a SAVE FILE you could run away to... But you were just too STUPID to make one!
~ Flowey if the player doesn't save at all.
But don't worry. Your old friend FLOWEY... Has worked out a replacement for you! I'll SAVE over your own death. So you can watch me tear you to bloody pieces... Over, and over, and over......what? Do you really think you can stop ME? Hee hee hee... You really ARE an idiot.
~ Flowey moments before his boss fight begins.
What? How'd you...? Well, I'll just-Wh... Where are my powers!? The souls...? What are they doing? (the souls rebel) NO!! NO!!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO OBEY ME!! STOP!!! STOP IT!!!!! STOOOOPPPP!!!!!
~ Flowey's breakdown as the souls rebel against him.

True Pacifist Run

You IDIOTS. While you guys were having your little pow-wow... I took the human SOULS! And now, not only are THOSE under my power... But all of your FRIENDS' SOULS are gonna be mine, too! Hee hee hee. And you know what the best part is? It's all your fault. It's all because you MADE THEM love you. All the time you spent listening to them... Encouraging them... Caring about them... Without that, they wouldn't have come here. And now, with their souls and the humans' together... I will achieve my REAL FORM. Hee hee... Huh? WHY am I still doing this? Don't you get it? This is all just a GAME. If you leave the underground satisfied, you'll "win" the game. If you "win," you won't want to "play" with me anymore. And what would I do then? But this game between us will NEVER end. I'll hold victory in front of you, just within your reach... And then tear it away just before you grasp it. Over, and over, and over... Hee hee hee. Listen. If you DO defeat me, I'll give you your "happy ending." I'll bring your friends back. I'll destroy the barrier. Everyone will finally be satisfied. But that WON'T happen. You...! I'll keep you here no matter what!
~ Flowey when he attacks the cast and entangles them.
~ Flowey absorbing the monsters' SOULs.
Finally. I was so tired of being a flower.
~ Asriel regains his true form.
Howdy! (Playername), are you there? It's me, your best friend.
~ Asriel calls out to Frisk, mistaking them for his adoptive sibling.
You know... I don't care about destroying this world anymore. After I defeat you and gain total control over the timeline... I just want to reset everything. All your progress... Everyone's memories. I'll bring them all back to zero! Then we can do everything ALL over again. And you know what the best part of all this is? You'll DO it. And then you'll lose to me again. And again. And again!!! Because you want a "happy ending." Because you "love your friends." Because you "never give up." Isn't that delicious? Your "determination." The power that let you get this far... It's gonna be your downfall! Now, ENOUGH messing around! It's time to purge this timeline once and for all!
~ Asriel reveals his true Intentions.
... even after that attack, you're still standing in my way...? Wow... you really ARE something special. But don't get cocky. Up until now, I've only been using a fraction of my REAL power! Let's see what good your DETERMINATION is against THIS!!
~ Asriel after Frisk survives his Hyper Goner attack.
Urah ha ha... Behold my TRUE power!
~ Asriel shows his final form.
I can feel it... Every time you die, your grip on this world slips away. Every time you die, your friends forget you a little more. Your life will end here, in a world where no one remembers you...
~ Asriel telling Frisk that soon no one will remember them.
Still you're hanging on...? That's fine. In a few moments, you'll forget everything, too. That attitude will serve you well in your next life!
~ Asriel tells Frisk that they will lose their memories once they die and are reborn.
Ura ha ha... Still!? Come on... Show me what good your DETERMINATION is now!
~ Asriel surprised that Frisk is still alive.
Huh? What are you doing...?
~ Asriel when Frisk saves someone.
Wh... what did you do...? What's this feeling...? What's happening to me? No! NO! I don't need ANYONE! STOP IT! Get away from me! Do you hear me!? I'll tear you apart!
~ Asriel's response to Frisk trying to save him.
... ... (Playername) ... Do you know why I'm doing this...? Why I keep fighting to keep you around...? I'm doing this... Because you're special, (Playername). You're the only one that understands me. You're the only one who's any fun to play with anymore. ... No... That's not JUST it. I... I... I'm doing this because I care about you, (Playername)! I care about you more than anybody else! I'm not ready for this to end. I'm not ready for you to leave. I'm not ready to say goodbye to someone like you again... So, please... STOP doing this... AND JUST LET ME WIN!!! STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!!! ... (Playername) ... I'm so alone, (Playername) ... I'm so afraid, (Playername) ... (Playername), I... I...
~ Asriel's last words before becoming his original form.
I'm so sorry. I always was a crybaby, wasn't I, (Playername) ... ... I know. You're not actually (Playername) are you? (Playername)'s been gone for a long time. ... Um... what... What IS your name? ... "Frisk?" That's... A nice name. ... Frisk... I haven't felt like this for a very long time. As a flower, I was soulless. I lacked the power to love other people. However, with everyone's souls inside me... I not only have my own compassion back... But I can feel every other monster's as well. They all care about each other so much. And... they care about you too, Frisk. ... I wish I could tell you how everyone feels about you. Papyrus... Sans... Undyne... Alphys... ... Toriel. Monsters are weird. Even though they barely know you... It feels like they all really love you Haha. ... Frisk... I... I understand if you can't forgive me. I understand if you hate me. I acted so strange and horrible. I hurt you. I hurt so many people. Friends, family, bystanders... There's no excuse for what I've done.
~ Asriel comes to terms with what he has done.
... right. I understand. I just hope that... I can make up for it a little right now.
~ Asriel if Frisk does not forgive him.
Wh...what? ... Frisk, come on. You're... You're gonna make me cry again. ... besides, even if you do forgive me...
~ Asriel if Frisk forgives him.
I can't keep these souls inside of me. The least I can do is return them. But first... There's something I have to do. Right now, I can feel everyone's hearts beating as one. They're all burning with the same desire. With everyone's power... With everyone's determination... It's time for monsters... To finally go free.
~ Asriel before using the SOULs to destroy the barrier.
Frisk... I have to go now. Without the power of everyone's souls... I can't keep maintaining this form. In a little while... I'll turn back into a flower. I'll stop being "myself." I'll stop being able to feel love again. So... Frisk. It's best if you just forget about me, OK? Just go be with the people who love you.
~ Asriel reveals that he will turn back into Flowey without the SOULs.
Ha... ha... I don't want to let go...
~ Asriel if Frisk comforts him.
Frisk... You're... You're going to do a great job, OK? No matter what you do. Everyone will be there for you, okay? Well... My time is running out. Goodbye. By the way... Frisk. ... take care of Mom and Dad for me, OK?
~ Asriel's final words unless the player goes back to the first room in the game.

Genocide Run

See? I never betrayed you! It was all a trick, see? I was waiting to kill him for you! After all, it's me your best friend! I'm helpful, I can be useful to you! I promise I won't get in your way! I can help... I can... I can... (in Asriel's voice) Please don't kill me.
~ Flowey's last words after killing Asgore.


Flowey's Laugh

Omega Flowey's laugh

Your Best Friend

Your Best Nightmare + Finale

Hopes and Dreams + SAVE the World + Last Goodbye

His Theme


  • If one backtracks a bit after certain points, they can catch a quick look at Flowey for a split second before he retreats underground, showing that he has been stalking the player, even up to the end of the game.
  • If the protagonist has killed Toriel at least once before, then reset or load the game and spare her, Flowey tells them not to get cocky and proceeds to taunt them by pointing out what they had done: "You murdered her. And then you went back, because you regretted it." He informs the protagonist he previously had the power to SAVE and reset, and that he played as the world's god before the protagonist's arrival superseded his. He tells the protagonist that he will be watching them, possibly explaining why he could be seen going into the ground in specific places in the game.
  • Flowey's real name Asriel Dreemurr is an anagram for "serial murderer", referencing his homicidal nature.
    • His name is also a reference to Azrael, The Angel Of Death from Judeo/Christian mythology. This is implied by his final form resembling the Delta Rune, which Gerson refers to as "an angel of death," and several other death related themes revolving around his character.
    • His name is also a portmanteau of his parents' names: As from Asgore, riel from Toriel. This is probably because Asgore is horrible at naming things and Toriel loves puns.
  • Flowey might actually be the Anomaly that Sans is talking about on the Genocide Run: The Genocide Run can be done by the player as their very first run, while Flowey has done every single thing the Underground has to offer except taking the SOULs. Therefore, Sans would have way more time to learn about Flowey than about Frisk/the Player. This is backed up by Flowey and Sans fighting in multiple timelines.
    • However, Sans' wording implies that the Player/Frisk is the true anomaly. This can be rounded up to Sans mistaking the Anomaly to be the human, not Flowey.
  • Flowey is one of the 4 people in the game that know about the protagonist being able to SAVE; the other three being Sans, the Temmie Shopkeeper, and Frisk themself.

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