Floyd & Jolene


Floyd and Jolene are twin gators who serve as the main antagonists in the animated series, Kissyfur. Their goal is to simply capture the youth of Paddlecab County so they can eat them. (However, they are not against attempting to capture the adults, either, if the opportunity presents itself.) Thankfully, their attempts are often foiled by Kissyfur's father, Gus, or the children themselves either fighting back or outwitting them. Nonetheless, they're determined. They are the archnemeses of Kissyfur, Gus, Beehonie, Lennie, Ren, Toot, Duane, and Stuckey.

Floyd is voiced by Stu Rosen, and Jolene by Terence McGovern.


While both are generally bumbling and incompetent, Jolene typically is the brains, and as such, she is the one who formulates the plans and plots. Floyd is the brawn (he is very strong) and usually goes along with them, but will often be on the receiving end of Jolene's rage when their plans go awry. And yet, the two of them show a level of determination at their goal to capture and devour Kissyfur, Beehonie, Lennie, Ren, Toot, Duane, and Stuckey despite repeated failures. In fact, their motivation may be one of seeking vengeance against Gus, as well. Nevertheless, they are determined and tenacious.

There is also a running gag where Jolene attempts to keep her red wig on and will become incredibly infuriated if it is torn/taken off by any means. Despite this, she often uses the wig to beat up Floyd when he fails.

In the Series

As aforementioned, the two repeatedly attempt to entrap the youth of the area, including the titular character, Kissyfur, with the intent of devouring them. They are first seen in the pilot, "Bear Roots," when they are spotted by the Cackle Sisters, who sound the Gator Alarm. They are seen again less than a minute later when they attempt to kidnap and eat Kissyfur, who is stuck in a log due to a prank by Lennie, who, along with Beehonie, Toot, Stucky, Ren, and Duane, out of fear of the gators, unintentionally left him to be found by them. However, Kissyfur, despite being utterly, completely terrified of the two gators, outwits them by tricking Floyd into searching the log in which he'd previously been stuck (Floyd had pulled him out when they had first met him) for other swamp cubs. This results in a beehive falling out his snout, and the bees swarming him and Jolene, saving Kissyfur. They are seen later on when they tear down a bridge built by Lennie's father, Charles, thus knocking all of the swamp residents into the water. They then try to chase them down to eat them, only to get foiled by Gus, who saves the swamp residents and then threatens to kill the gators if they keep coming after everyone, scaring them off.

In "The Lady is a Chump," Jolene had Floyd dress as a fake bear woman pretending to act as a new nanny for Kissyfur and the children. They initially fool everyone to an extent due to the well-crafted costume (despite Floyd's obviously falsetto impression and terrible cooking). They revealed themselves with their usual intent by trapping the children in a cage, but were foiled.

In the episode "The Birds and the Bears," Floyd and Jolene arguably cross the Moral Event Horizon when they steal Gus's paddlecab and lead him into a quicksand trap, leaving him for dead. Using his paddlecab, they deceive the children into boarding, thereby entrapping them. Unfortunately for them, this attempt is foiled when Kissyfur and his friends manage to free his father, giving Gus the chance to once again put Floyd and Jolene in their place.

In "We are the Swamp", the gators are secondary antagonists, since Flo the Buzzard and Reginald the Snake take the role of main antagonists.

In "Here's the Beef", they appear in the latter half of the episode, preparing a fire to cook Kissyfur and his friends along with Brutus, but Brutus, after getting out of the sinkhole, chased the gators away.

In "Jam Wars", they were seen affected by the flood, and in the latter half, They follow empty jam jars leading to the mansion where the Paddlecab Population was taking refuge. Upon infiltrating the mansion, after the Gators tore down the house's foundation were pursuing Lennie's family and jam. In the end, Floyd gulped up a bunch of jam, but gets sick and obese as he is pulled back home by Jolene.

In "The Humans Must Be Crazy," they take advantage of Zoomer the Robot's directive to follow orders to capture the Cubs. But it backfired when Jolene had the robot make a fire, at which which Zoomer uses a laser to burn the Gators' home.

In "Whale of a Tail", The Gators primarily intended to eat a young beached whale, then they had their attention toward Kissyfur and the others. When They saw Gus approaching, They retreated to a hiding spot, which is the whale's water spout, shooting them out of sight.

In "Kissyfur P.I.", in rare Non-Antagonistic roles, They-- Well, Jolene is a victim of a thief who stole Her wig. As the real thief, a dark gray woodrat, was making an escape, He was last seen being chased by the Gators.

In "Home Sweat Home", The Gators were intent on eating Kissyfur and the cubs who ran away from home at night, but after a botched attempt, Jolene chased and clobbered Floyd.

In "Pooped Pop", The gatorsattempted to eliminate a sleeping Gus, but was taken down by Gus' Paddlecab.

In "The Bear who cried Wolf", The Gators attempted to eat Kissyfur, Lennie, and Howie, but thanks to Duane warning Kissyfur's Dad, The Gators were humbled yet again.

In "Egg Mcguffin", The gators had a minor role at trying to shake a big egg from a nest, which led the plot.

In "The Wishing Box", The Gators intended to get the Music box, but changed to trying to eat the Cubs when they learned the box didn't grant wishes at all.

In "Gatoraid" They become Secondary Antagonists, when Big Louie muscles in on their territory.

In "Basket Case" they steal what they thought was a basket of food, a baby in a basket and left it, knowing it's trouble. Later, they spot the cubs and chase them. the chase ended when Floyd carried a boulder to a downed tree, which was too heavy for the tree to handle, breaks, and the boulder falls on the gators' heads defeated, as the boulder cracks into pebbles.

In "The Incredible Hunk", Floyd was talking with a small log with a fake orange wig, He thought was a female gator (Which Kissyfur, Toot, and Stuckey was inside). until Jolene told Him the Female gator was the cubs. The gators chased them until Kissyfur accidentally sped toward a few vines, sling-shooting their disguise toward the gators.

In "Double Dare Bear", The Gators dissatisfied from eating magazine pages of food, spot the cubs heading to a circus, and corner them, (After Jolene shushed Toot to stay quiet) The Cubs rowed away as the Gators pursued them, but they back off when They spotted Brutus, never to be seen until the Second Season.

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