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Floyd is a supporting antagonist in Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead.

He was portrayed by Gil Kolirin.



Not much is known about Floyd before he was sent to prison, other than he's a neo nazi and a serial killer with at least three confirmed victims, having set them all on fire as mentioned by Chavez.

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

Floyd is first seen talking with Chavez about escaping from an upcoming prison transfer both of them are in. When Three Finger crashes the prison bus along with Three Toe, he survives.

Later on, when the group accidentally sets off a trap set for them but fails to kill anyone, Floyd holds down Three Toe while Chavez cuts his head off and puts his head on a spike as a warning to Three Finger, in hopes it will convince him to leave them alone. Three Finger finds his nephew's severed head and is immediately enraged, wanting vengeance on the killers.

Alex, a survivor of a previous attack by Three Finger, meets up with the group begging for help and Floyd nearly rapes her until she hits him in the groin and Chavez picks up his gun.

When the group finds Three Finger's abandoned truck, they tell Crawford to investigate it since he knows how to hot-wire cars, only for him to be wrapped and encased in barbed wire and dragged down the road, with Floyd and Chavez firing at him to try and stop him.

Floyd later gets into a fight with Chavez over the money they stole from an armored truck and Chavez beats him into a bloody pulp, then leaves him for dead. When he comes to, he stumbles around looking for Chavez until he comes across the bags of money he left behind and picks them all up trying to take them for himself, until he gets to a pile of rocks on a river and hurts his leg. Knowing he's going to die no matter what, Floyd throws the money into the air to spite Chavez until he's set on fire with a Molotov cocktail by Three Finger and slowly dies along with the remaining burning money.



  • Floyd is the only antagonist in the franchise whose kills were all off-screen.


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