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He picked the most stylish hat he could find when he joined. Dreams of opening a worm farm one day.
~ Floyd's bio for Infiltrating the Airship.
Unfortunately, his friend Harry doesn't show up in this game.
~ Floyd's bio for Completing the Mission.

Floyd Winters is a recurring minor antagonist in the Henry Stickmin video game series, serving as a minor antagonist in Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission.

He is another member of the Toppat Clan. His orange top-hat is the most stylish top-hat he could find. He dreams of opening a worm farm one day and has a friend named Harry, presumably Harry Butts. He originally had a black top-hat before the remaster changed it to the previous mentioned orange top-hat.


Infiltrating the Airship

Floyd appears only during the Government Supported Private Investigator route. After Henry Stickmin enters the airship, he enters the boardroom where Floyd has a meeting alongside Slice, Winston Davis, Magnus Eriksson, Derbert Daniels and a few others. Henry coats his hands in glue and attaches himself to the ceiling, where he climbs to the other side of the room, unnoticed.

Floyd is arrested at the end of the route, like every other Toppat on the airship.

Completing the Mission

Floyd makes a quick cameo at the end of the Toppat Recruits ending, where he is seen in the background during the recruit ceremony of Henry and Ellie Rose.

Floyd also appears in the Toppat Civil Warfare ending. He is guarding the brig of the airship, where the prisoners are Dave Panpa, Geoffrey Plumb and Thomas Chestershire. Henry crashes into Dave's brig and hits Floyd as a result. As Geoffrey convinces Henry to let him and Thomas go, Floyd awakens. Dave tries to tackle Floyd, but the Toppat easily throws him to the floor. He is then knocked out and maybe killed by Henry.


  • Floyd has a friend named Harry. It is presumably Harry Butts, who appears for a few seconds in the Pure-Blooded Thief ending for Infiltrating the Airship.
  • Floyd is a reference to Lloyd Christmas and his friend Harry Butts, is a reference to Harry Dunne, both from the movie Dumb and Dumber.
  • Floyd and Gene Fredrickson are the only villains in the series who never had any homicidal goals.