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My turn...
~ Flumpty Bumpty at the start of Flumpty Night, where he summons his clones.

Flumpty's Clones are the final antagonists of the One Night at Flumpty's series.

They appear as the final antagonists of One Night at Flumpty's 3 (serving as the secondary antagonists of the Flumpty Night and Hard-Boiled Mode).

They are a group of various anthropomorphic eggs which are clones of Flumpty Bumpty, made to replace his dead gang in a last-ditch effort to kill the protagonist. All of them take several eldritch and disturbing forms.


The clones are all identical to Flumpty Bumpty, being anthropomorphic eggs with stick limbs, but each have unique faces and body parts, including:

  • Having a completely red body (Flumpty.exe).
  • A shadow-like body within an eggshell (Shadow Flumpty).
  • Eight white eyes and eight spider-like arms (Fucking Animating Flumpty).
  • A face that glows in the dark (Fireside Flumpty).
  • Nothing other than a large blue eye staring at the player (All-Seeing Eye Flumpty).
  • Forms constantly vary as they move (Another, Door and Vitrual Boy Flumpty).

When they catch the player, they all have the same jumpscare, being a swirling grinder-like mass of eyes within a cracked shells.


The clones were created after Flumpty Bumpty murdered the rest of his gang for failing to kill the protagonist.

They appear in the Flumpty Night and lurk through the cabin, trying to catch and kill the protagonist, who has to use the game's mechanics, as well as mechanics carried over from the first and second game (as well as mechanics from the cancelled One Week at Flumpty's), to ward them off, eventually reaching "SALAMI" to complete the night.

The clones return in the game's Hard Boiled Mode, where they appear at the 3AM mark, attempting to kill the protagonist before he reaches 6AM and is definitively freed from the cabin.


  • Many of the clones represent many previous concepts in the series, many of them unused:
    • Another Flumpty's face when he is about to enter The Office is a direct reference to "The Sad Fate of One Week at Flumpty's".
    • Fucking Animating Flumpty charging down the vent references the Beaver and Owl's mechanic from the first two games, where they will charge towards the player and attack them unless the door is shut, or in this case, a picture is taken of them.
    • Fireside Flumpty references the first teaser for the cancelled One Week at Flumpty's, which showed Flumpty Bumpty with multiple long arms. It also references an unused enemy in the series, which would've had stitched-up eyes.
    • Shadow Flumpty references Flumpty's jumpscare from the second game.
    • Flumpty.exe references The Redman from the second game.
    • When Door Flumpty has his picture taken, the same piano tune from the first game plays.
  • Each of Flumpty's clones have a death message when the player dies to one of them.


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