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Hey cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?
~ One of the flies flirting with Francis (mistaking him for a woman).
Ladybug, ladybug fly away home!
~ The flies mocking Francis for his feminine appearance

The Fly Brothers are minor antagonists of Pixar's 2nd full-length animated feature film A Bug's Life. They are anthropomorphic flies who hold a strong grudge against several circus bugs (especially a male ladybug named Francis).

They were voiced by Jack Angel.


The Fly Brothers were first seen sitting with the audience at P.T. Flea's circus and heckling the performance. They made a mistake flirting with Francis, believing him to be a girl. Annoyed by this, Francis angrily insults the Fly Brothers for their stupidity, leaving them extremely horrified. Francis then engages into an argument against the Fly Brothers saying that they had been buzzing around a dung heap all day, leaving them humiliated. Eventually, Francis and the other circus bugs left the circus after a "Flaming Death" act backfired on P.T. Flea, though the Fly Brothers actually enjoyed it.

As the circus bugs drown their sorrows at a bar (which is actually a thrown-out can), the Fly Brothers arrived to confront Francis for insulting them, bringing in their oversized horsefly friend named Thud along with them. Francis and the circus bugs angrily tell the Fly Brothers to leave, but the Fly Brothers refused as they still want revenge by beating them up. The circus bugs decided to get rid of the flies by playing a Robin Hood act with Francis (as Robin Hood), Slim (as a sword) and Heimlich (as Little John). Though the two Fly Brothers were terrified, Thud didn't fall for it, resulting the terrified circus bugs to panic and causing the bar to roll over by accident, knocking out the Fly Brothers. An ant named Flik, who is looking for bug warriors to fight against Hopper and his army of grasshoppers, mistook this as a sign of heroics (as he was forced outside by the crowd) and offers to take the circus bugs to Ant Island. Not wanting to receive any beatings from the Fly Brothers, the circus bugs agree and escape away with Flik to Ant Island. As the Fly Brothers wake up after being knocked unconscious by the moving can, they are distraught to see that the circus bugs are gone, leaving them humiliated once again.


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