Younger Brother!
~ The Fly Trap Monster's final words before his death.

The Fly Trap Monster is a Fly Trap-themed monster and the 47th of Egos' Monsters. Also he's the main antagonist in episode 49 of 1980 TV series called Battle Fever J.

He is voiced by Masaya Taki, who also voiced an Iron Spider Mask, a Yo-Yo Mask, a Study Monster and a Study Brain.


The Fly Trap Monster made his first appearance at Egos Headquarters when Satan Egos summons him to aid in this next campaign which he obliges to do as he transforms into an ordinary Venus Fly Trap. A while later a Cutman (who's in disguise) has transported the Fly Trap Monster to school a bit early and once the students arrived to class they fed him some flies and then he used his hypnosis on the said students into a bunch of delinquents as he revealed his monster form. A while later with the students under his control he began teaching the class with these three rules is that "you may do whatever you want", lie and break the rules of society. Satisfied with the students he sent them out to do whatever they want as they're still under his control.

However when Battle Fever J grew suspicious of the student's behavior they started to following them prompting Salomé to give a message to the Fly Trap Monster to be careful. A while later as the students were still under this monsters spell he has them to build bombs. However once Keiko, Tomoko and their teachers discover the conspiracy the Fly Trap Monster ambushed them and then have students to tie them up at the school with the first bomb.

A while later the Fly Trap Monster was in the city with the students as they were about to plant the next bomb until Battle Fever J arrived to stop this monster scheme. So he sent the students to carry out the objectives as he battles the team. After that Battle Japan sends Miss America to find the others as the rest chase down the Fly Trap Monster as he sends out the Cutmen to keep them occupied. Once the cutmen are wiped out the Fly Trap Monster kept the men occupied as he teleports in different locations as he tossed some exploding knives at the team. Once Miss America has successfully defused the bomb the Fly Trap Monster was then destroyed by this finisher called Penta Force.

However not before long the Fly Trap Robot arrived as he used the cannon (that's been located on his back) and opens fire on the team prompting them to bring out Battle Shark as they battle this destructive robot. After that the Fly Trap Robot was then destroyed by this finisher called Electric Sword: Bamboo Cutting Style thus freeing the students from this monster's spell.


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