Flymon is a minor villain in almost every Digimon series, including Digimon Adventures 01 & 02, Digimon Data Squad and Digimon Fusion.


Flymon are small Champion Level Digimon that look like a combination of a bee, fly and the wings of a demon Butterfly.


Digimon Adventures 01

While Tai and the others were looking for Sora and Biyomon, a Flymon attacked them. They had trouble defeating Flymon, but then Birdramon came and killed Flymon.

Digimon Adventures 02

A Flymon was under the control of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings. The new DigiDestined had trouble Taken out Flymon, until Garurumon came destroy the Dark Ring on Flymon at the same time.

Later on, a huge ammount of Flymon under the control of Arukenimon's flute but were released from her control.

A few months later Digimon started to appear in the Real World, and a huge swarm of Flymon was in Russia. It took the combined powers of Aquilamon, Garudamon, and other Digimon which were Unimon, Snimon and Kuwagamon to take them down and send them back to the Digital World.

Digimon Data Squad

When DATS was fighting a Kunemon, it Digivolved into Flymon. It easily defeated SunFlomon. When Agumon Digivolve into GeoGreymon, Flymon was quickly defeated and was turned back into an Digi-Egg.

Digimon Fusion

Several Flymon serve as Neptunemon's henchmen. They went after the Code Crown when Mikey and Shoutmon were looking for it. One of the Flymon easily injured Shoutmon when he got stung in the stomach. Then the Flymon were blasted out of KingWhamon's body, and KingWhamon cured Shoutmon with green goo. The Flymon were presumely killed.


  • Brown Stingers
  • Poison Powder
  • Flying Arm/Fly Attack