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Jack Worthing otherwise known as Foggy Jack and Uncle Jack is an on & off antagonist of the videogame We Happy Few appearing as a supporting character in the story mode and the main antagonist of the DLC story Lightbearer.

He is a serial killer in Wellington Wells and the host of Wellington Wells Broadcasting Services.


Becoming Uncle Jack

Returning to insanity

In one final tape when Jack began talking about a woman making dolls, it remineded him of his daughter Margaret and how she used to make dolls, this makes him begin to cry as he starts to remember the past as he immedietly tells his viewers that the foods ran out and that they need to stop taking their joy before finally snapping as he picks up a cricket and smashes anything in the broadcast. He then approaches the camera with an mad look on his face as he says the line he always says at the end of each episode "We've come to the end of our time" before smashing the camera.

He then ran away from the broadcasting tower and later returned to his Foggy Jack alter ego.


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