Foghorn Draghorn is a major antagonist in Tiny Toon Adventures episode A Ditch In The Time.


When Buster and Babs travelled to the Medieval Era by Plucky's time machine, they encountered Shirley's Medieval ancestor tied up to the tree by Foghorn Draghon. She waited someone to save her. Buster and Babs untied her and asked her for help to find fuel because they needed to reactivate time machine and back to the future. She pointed on Draghorn with her finger. She ment that his fire can be a great fuel. Draghorn tried to burn Buster and Babs with his fire and kill them. But they defeated him, and used his fire for a fuel.


  • He might be Foghorn Leghorn's ancestor.
  • He's saying "I say, I say" just like Foghorn Leghorn.
  • The word "draghorn" is made as a combination of words "dragon" and "leghorn".
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