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Folken Lacour de Fanel is the Strategos or tactician of Zaibach in The Vision of Escaflowne. Folken is revealed to be Van Fanel's older brother and the original heir to Fanelia. After he failed to kill a dragon, he lost an arm to the beast and was later picked up by the Zaibach, who nursed him back to health under Emperor Dornkirk's instructions and fitted him with a mechanical arm. He originally joined the empire in hopes of realizing Zaibach's ideals of a world free of war, but is later disillusioned and defects. He, like Van, is half Draconian and thus he also has angelic wings. His wings have turned black, however, a portent that his life is coming to an end. Folken dies when his sword breaks as he kills Dornkirk and strikes him in the heart.

In the Escaflowne movie, Folken is the movie's main antagonist and rewritten as the leader of Zaibach.


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