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Fonse Kagatie is the primary antagonist of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

Fonse is the elderly Prime Minister of the Zanscare Empire and its de facto ruler. While Maria Pia Armonia nominally holds power in the empire, it is Fonse who is the real power behind the throne, using Maria as a figurehead for his own agenda. A cruel and heartless man, Fonse's ultimate goal is to wipe out all the humans living on Earth so the Zanscares can move in and claim the planet for themselves.

Fonse essentially fills the same role Gihren Zabi did in the original Mobile Suit Gundam, using a figurehead as the face of his empire while he controls it from behind the scenes and plotting to conquer the Earth Sphere via destructive superweapons.


Fonse Kagatie took advantage of Maria Pia Armonia's powerful Newtype abilities after meeting her and used her and her followers to form the basis for a theocratic empire, plotting to use them to conquer the entire Earth Sphere.

Fonse ordered the construction of a superweapon designated the "Keilas Guilie", a powerful satellite with which the Zanscare Empire could use to carry out orbital attacks against the Earth. However, the satellite never had the chance to be used against its intended target as soon after it was finished it was captured by the League Militaire forces and turned against the Zanscare fleet.

Angry at the loss of the satellite as well as its defense fleet, Fonse ordered the one in charge of supervising its construction, Tassilo Vago, to be executed for his failure. However, as Tassilo was prepared to be executed alongside League Militaire pilots Uso Ewin and Odelo Henrik, he was given a chance to escape when League Militaire forces showed up to rescue the latter two.

Fonse eventually initiated construction of his ultimate superweapon, the Angel Halo, a psycommu fortress that gathered the power of hundreds of psychics all controlled by a single powerful Newtype in the center and used it to render its targets' minds' infantile.

As the Angel Halo is destroyed and his plans fall apart, Fonse is left shooting and ranting at a Newtype-induced hallucination of Maria Pia Armonia before being killed by a fragment of the collapsing Angel Halo.


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