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You were given every advantage; allowed to make mistake after mistake... and just like Donny, you never worked hard or made any effort to improve. It was handed to you! No longer...
~ Sallinger to Erik
Evil's the wrong word. I am asserting fairness in an unfair world! I'm vengeful without pity... appropriately cruel! Those are the things you're sensing, not evil!
~ Sallinger explains himself
All I am is a man with my feet on the ground and a brain in my head. And yet, I can bring pain to power just by getting close. I have the only superpower that is not a fraud, because it was evolved through sheer human pain. And that is extraordinary. Because it's real.
~ Sallinger torturing Erik

Gregory P. Sallinger is the central antagonist of the third season of Jessica Jones. He was a highly skilled criminal mastermind and serial killer with high-levels of intelligence, violent tendencies and an obsession with killing Jessica Jones, believing her to be a fraud that does not deserve her superpowers.

He was portrayed by Jeremy Bobb.



Sallinger grew up together with a brother, Donny. Both wanted to be photographers but while Sallinger envisioned himself as the true artist and considered his brother as dumb and incompetent, their father favored Donny. After Donny died in a suspicious tractor accident, Sallinger hoped that their father would be more favorable towards him but his father only claimed that he wished it was Sallinger who should have died and stabbed him during the funeral dinner.

Sallinger eventually turned into a psychopathic serial killer in New York City, targeting people who he thought did not deserve whatever they achieved in life. He made a habit of confronting them with their "crimes" and misdeeds in order to capture the moment they realized their errors on photograph. Thriving on their misery and fear, Sallinger would then kill his victims, cut them up and drop the bodies in a sewage tank underneath a train yard. He kept the photos of his victim in a hidden slot behind his bureau.


  • He is an adaptation of the Marvel villain Foolkiller.


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Gregory Salinger
Gregory Sallinger


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Gregory Salinger
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