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Foot Brute

The Foot Brute is a member of the Foot Clan in the Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The Foot Brute first appears in the episode Origami Tsunami alongside the Foot Lieutenant. They were stealing papers all across town and the Turtles were trying to track them down but failed the first attempt. The Turtles tried to lure them with April's store but they managed to evade them. Thanks to Donnie's tracking device they managed to finally track them down. The Foot Clan later reveals the reason for them collecting paper was to make Foot Soldiers and then they engage in battle The Foot Brute fought Leonardo and the Foot Lieutenant summoned a giant origami but the water manages to disable it. The Foot Brute and Lieutenant escapes.

The Foot Brute returns in the episode The Longest fight where they are trying to steal a gauntlet from a mall and the Brute looks for their sensei but encounters the turtles and engage in a fight but they were distracted with the skate board contest. Eventually the brute and lieutenant escape with the Gauntlet mocking the turtles for thinking that they were after a puny ring. The Foot Brute later makes another appearance in Stuck on you where he and the Foot Lieutenant appear to steal a similar gauntlet but failed in the attempt.

In Evil League of Mutants, the Foot Brute and Foot Lieutenant steal some televisions with no interference. Near the end of the episode, they use a portal to summon Baron Draxum and the two offer to work together.


The Foot Brute is a skilled Fighter and is a weapon Master.


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