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Foot Lieutenant

The Foot Lieutenant is one of the members of the Foot Clan and the secondary antagonist in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The Foot Lieutenant first appears in the episode Origami Tsunami alongside his partner the Foot Brute they were stealing paper from stores with the turtles with the first attempt failed. They had April help them set up a store so that they would lure the foot clan but they still get the papers and tie up April before they escape. The the turtles manage to catch up to them in a store. There The Foot Lieutenant shows them why they need the paper to form the foot soldiers and they fight the turtles. The Foot Lieutenant forms a giant foot solider in which he controls they were eventually defeated and he escapes with the foot Brute.

The Foot Lieutenant returns in the episode The Longest Fight where he and the foot Brute got break into a mall to get a gauntlet with them fighting the turtles who were also distracted with the skateboarding contest with them getting a ring from the gauntlet. The Foot escape with the gauntlet mocking the turtles for they thought for them after a puny ring. The Foot Lieutenant and Brute returns in the episode Stuck on You where they attempted to steal another gauntlet but were defeated.

He is briefly seen in The Evil League of Mutants where he steals TVs. He later appears at the end with The Brute, where they ally with Baron Draxum.

Foot Lieutenant is still friends with Baron Draxum in Shadow of Evil.

powers and ABILITIES

The Foot Lieutenant is a capable fighter and uses mystics to make origami soldiers to life.


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