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The Force Project is the villainous organization from Last Alert. A powerful terrorist organization bent on world domination, the Force Project is composed of the world's most dangerous individuals, from Mafia members to corrupt politicians. Their plan involves detonating a bomb on the Ozone Layer to force the world's governments into submission.

Guy Kazama, a comnmando who survived an ambush by the corrupt Chairman Steve, is sent to infiltrate the Force Project's base to take down the group and rescue their hostages, which include the U.S. president.


  • Colonel Kadat: The dictator of the fictional African country of Lybid.
  • Mr. Lee: The boss of the Hong Kong mafia.
  • Steve Lloyd: A.k.a. Chairman Steve, a corrupt politician who betrayed his contry to join the group.
  • Dr. Garcia: A Russian physicist and de facto leader of Force Project.
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