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Let's go get him
~ Force Three

Force Three are a group of secondary antagonists in the Alex Rider book Ark Angel, working for Nikolei Drevin.


Until recently, Force Three were unknown, but suddenly they became feared, and infamous. Force Three were responsible for blowing up a car plant in Italy and killing journalist Majorie Schultz in Berlin just for criticizing them as dangerous. They are led by the brutal and evil Kaspar, aka Magnus Payne. Their real names are never revealed in the story, but are given in code as Combat Jacket, Spectacles, Steel Watch, and Silver Tooth.

MI6 first became aware of them after Schultz was shot by Force Three, then a journalist, Max Webber, talked about them as being evil in the conference he gave on the Thames, but Drevin had him blown up. Alex Rider first got their attention when he found they were after Paul Drevin, and had seen them shot the night receptionist dead just days after Alex had been shot.

Force Three took Alex, believing him to be Paul, but Alex fought back, incacerating three of them, slamming a magneton into Steel Watch, heaving a heavy ball down to Silver Tooth's crotch, and slamming a bar into Spectacles' face. Combat Jacket himself got electrocuted by Alex. But the driver, Kaspar, seized Alex and grabbed him to Drevin's apartment.

Force Three introduced themselves in the apartment as Force Three, a group of eco-terrorists who hated Drevin. But Alex said he wasn't Paul when he found they were going to cut off his finger. Force Three then got angered with Alex and left him to die in a burning building but he escaped. However, Combat Jacket broke in, disobeying Drevin, shooting at Alex, but missed.

Alex next met Force Three at the Chelsea football stadium when Drevin lost. He met the man known as Silver Tooth here. Silver Tooth abducted Alex when his friends - Combat Jacket, Steel Watch and Spectacles - handed Drevin's lead player a poisoned arsenic necklace to kill him. They managed to get away with it, all save Silver Tooth, who was humiliated by Alex when he tried to kidnap him.

Force Three came to Drevin's Caribbean island, and made to fire, thinking the warning alarm was for them, but in fact it was for Alex and Tamara. Force Three were present in Drevin's revelations to Alex of him being a criminal. But Alex said that Combat Jacket had disobeyed Drevin by shooting him. Drevin hadn't heard this, believing Force Three to have obeyed him and he arranged for Force Three to be laid out on the beach shot to death as evidence for the CIA. Steel Watch asked how was Drevin going to fake such a thing, and Drevin said "Whoever said I was going to fake it?" and shot all four men to death, killing them in ruthless cold blood.


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