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The Forces of Nature is an neutral organization, later turned ally, in the videogame; Kid Icarus: Uprising. This organization is led by the Goddess of Nature; Viridi, and they seek to bring the earth back into its natural state, even at the cost of human life.


They first appear in Chapter 11: Viridi, Goddess of Nature. Their leader Viridi appears in the sky and launches a giant Reset Bomb that wipes out countless human armies in an instant. After this, Viridi declares her intention to do this to the rest of humanity. Unsuccessfully attempting to reason with her, Palutena dispatches Pit to stop Viridi's scheme by force. Pit makes his way through the newly created forest to find any survivors. Near the end he encounters Viridi's stone warrior, Cragalanche, which proves to be a tough opponent. Luckily Pit manages to defeat him.

The Forces of Nature continue to be a threat to Palutena's Army in Chapter 12 where Viridi plans to launch another Reset Bomb, but once again the angelic hero stops it and then manages to take down the entire factory producing the bombs.

In Chapter 13, Arlon, a servant of Viridi, and his Lunar Sanctum become a hazard as it could potentially be used as a destructive weapon to harm humanity. After Pit defeats Arlon, the sanctum is destroyed.

In Chapter 14, Phosphora, another servant of Viridi, engages in a fierce battle against Thanatos and the Underworld Army. However, due to the intensity of the fight, Pit manages to easily defeat the lightning warrior. Afterwards, the Forces of Nature become less of an enemy towards Palutena's Army, and Viridi eventually becomes a helpful ally of Pit, which leads him to victory against the Underworld Army.

Dark Pit eventually joined the Forces of Nature as an officer after the defeat of Hades.



  • Nutski
  • Trynamite
  • Zert
  • Blader
  • Dibble Dop
  • Parashooter
  • Lurchthorn
  • Pew Pew
  • Pip
  • Urgle
  • Hugworm
  • Toxiecap
  • Lethinium
  • Jitterthug
  • Boom Stomper
  • Mahva
  • Badoot
  • Bumpety Bomb
  • Mudrone
  • Cacaw
  • Skreetle
  • Captain Flare
  • Meeba
  • Megonta
  • Flage
  • Clobbler



  • Nearly ever member, as well as every minion, are based on vegetation, or have some sort of plant-like material somewhere on their body.
  • According to Viridi, she personally named all of the troops in her army herself.
  • According to one of Uprising's loading screens, a single yellow eye is the trademark symbol of the Forces of Nature.



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