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|origin = ''Kid Icarus: Uprising''
|origin = ''Kid Icarus: Uprising''
|foundation = ???
|foundation = ???
|headquarters = ???
|headquarters = Overworld<br>
Reset Bomb Depot
Lunar Sanctum (Arlon)
Thunder Cloud Temple (Phosphora)
|commanders = Viridi
|commanders = Viridi

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The Forces of Nature is an evil organization, later turned ally, in the video game; Kid Icarus: Uprising. This organization is led by the Goddess of Nature; Viridi, and they seek to bring the earth back into it's natural state, even at the cost of human life.


Char jafar
Jafar says: Read my lips and come to grips with the reality!

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  • Nutski
  • Trynamite
  • Zert
  • Blader
  • Dibble Dop
  • Parashooter
  • Lurchthorn
  • Pew Pew
  • Pip
  • Urgle
  • Hugworm
  • Toxiecap
  • Lethinium
  • Jitterthug
  • Boom Stomper
  • Mahva
  • Badoot
  • Bumpety Bomb
  • Mudrone
  • Cacaw
  • Skreetle
  • Captain Flare
  • Meeba
  • Megonta
  • Flage
  • Clobbler


  • Nearly ever member, as well as every minion, are based on vegetation, or have some sort of plant-like material somewhere on their body.
  • According to Viridi, she personally named all the troops in her army herself.
  • According to one of Uprising's loading screens, a single yellow eye is the trademark symbol of the Forces of Nature.

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