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The Foreign Creature is the main character and antagonist in the online game with the same name, developed by Belugerin Games. It is an alien clone that was sent to earth to conquer it and build an army so it may reclaim its creators homeworld.


The Foreign Creature takes many forms throughout its time on Earth. Its first form was that a larva-like being when it was found by the scientist. As time passed, The Foreign Creature grew and became a small furry creature.

The Foreign Creatures most prominent power is the ability to possess any living being by entering their bodies. Initially, anything possessed by The Foreign Creature would gain alien features such as orange hair, red eyes, green blood and an almost reptillian like appearance. Eventually however, The Foreign Creature evolves and is able to remove this side effect.

The first host The Foreign Creature possesses is a gray cat that it had lured to it outside.

The second host, is a small bird that was contained in a cage. When possessed by The Foreign Creature, The bird not only acquires its alien features, but increases in size as well.

The Foreign Creatures third and longest used host is a human man. When possessed, the man ears are pointed, he has sharp teeth and orange hair.

Eventually, The Foreign Creatures human host body is killed and it escapes by reverting back to its larval form and later possessing a rat.

The Foreign Creatures fifth host is another human man. This form however, is far less mutated than the previous others, but still has a few minor alien features.

The Foreign Creatures sixth and final host is a human woman. Initially, this host looks more or less the same compared to the last one. Eventually though, The Foreign Creature is able to use a photo of its host body to completely disguise it.


The Foreign Creature seems to be driven only by the mission it was given by its creators. However, throughout the course of the game, The Foreign Creature has displayed a proclivity to murder and gore. The Foreign Creature will not hesitate to kill any who oppose it, but it will also kill those who do not seem to present any threat to it or its mission.



On a planet inhabited by super high tech creatures, an alien exclaimed to his master that his troops had been destroyed by someone known as King Smargudel and that they can run no more. Enraged, the unknown master stated that he would clone himself and that the clone has a gene that will make him undetected to King Smargudel troops so he can escape the siege. He states the clone will destroy the entire planet and bring back its creators throne. The masters associate then states that the clone will be too weak to deal with King Smargudel and his army. In response to this, the master states that he will send the clone to a rich and prosperous planet, but with physically weak inmates and that earth is the ideal planet. He explains that the clone will learn of the earths deception and crimes, growing strong and breeding rapidly before returning to its creators home planet with an army. The master then slices off one of his fingers and places it into a machine. The finger then grows into the clone and the master shoots it toward earth.-

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