Foreman Spike is a villain from the video game Wrecking Crew and its relates sequels. He did not appear in Vs Wrecking Crew as his role had been take over by the second player.


Wrecking Crew

Spike was the angry foreman of the construction site where Mario and Luigi worked, however, rather than help them, Spike continuously tried to hinder the brothers from doing their job perhaps to rake in the cash for himself.

Foreman Spike first appeared in the bonus stages and some phases from the game Wrecking Crew. While Mario runs around in the foreground, Spike runs around in the background trying to outdo the hero. Being already in the background, Spike would not enter doors.


Foreman Spike in Wrecking Crew '98.

While he cannot directly hurt Mario, he will smash down walls, and try to knock Mario off the platform he's standing on which could knock him into an enemy or get him in inescapable area. However, Mario can do the same back to him. He also appears in the later regular stages. Like the rest of the enemies in the game, Spike could only be permanently defeated by trapping him, such as dropping an oil drum on him or knocking him into an isolated floor.

Wrecking Crew '98

Foreman Spike returns in the Japan-only title Wrecking Crew '98. He is the fifth challenger in the puzzle mode game. In this game, Spike is working for Bowser himself, helping the Koopa King build a series of new hideouts. Additionally, Foreman Spike has been redesigned to have a mustache and red nose, resembling Wario.


He is a bearded villain who always wears sunglasses, although in Wrecking Crew '98, he did not have a beard. Foreman Spike is said to be a prototype for Wario and/or Waluigi, much like how Pauline was for Princess Peach.

While there was no picture of him in the manual, his in game appearance showed the same build as Mario and Luigi, a hooked nose, sunglasses, yellowish brown clothing, a beard, and a mouth full of crooked teeth when struck.

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