Fork Mask is the sixteenth of the Black Cross Army Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.

He is voiced by Eisuke Yoda.


Fork Mask worked as a bodyguard for Temujin and the Black Cross Fuhrerr for a meeting of the leader's "Black Hole" society, a secret organization he heads that controls a major dark section of the Black Cross Army. When the Gorenger initially try to infiltrate the meeting on their own, Fork Mask handily stopped them, particularly injuring Akarenger with his forks. Seeing an infiltration as the only way to get into the meeting, Edogawa Gonpachi sets up the Gorenger in a scheme to take the guise as the Black Hole members in order to wine and dine with the Furher and ultimately take him down. During the meeting, Fork Mask continued to protect them and even provided a fork to a disguised Gorenger for eating.

However when the Gorenger try to destroy the meeting and unmask the Furher, the leader proves smarter than expected by deceiving them and capturing the Gorenger with Fork Mask's escape. However with the Gorenger captured, Gonpachi reveals that the "real Gorenger" (in actuality a second set of Gorenger he had set up from other EAGLE soldiers) were ready to take him on and that the ones he caught were merely soldiers in disguise! The second set of Gorenger face Fork Mask in combat, with Aorenger shooting a Blue Cherry into its' face before the team uses a Gorenger Storm maneuver where Akarenger throws his Red Bute into the arrow and lets the Gorenger Storm ball roll down into Fork Mask, blowing him up.

Powers and Abilities

Fork Mask holds a number of forks upon his head, which he uses as projectiles to attack. He also has a huge fork staff which also holds upon it a flamethrower.


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