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The Former Head Trancy is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the anime-exclusive Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji II. He was the previous head of the Trancy household, as well as a pedophile who harbors an interest in abusing children.

He was voiced by Shinya Fukumatsu in the Japanese version, and Charlie Campbell in the English dubbed version.


The Former Head Trancy is an elderly man with blue eyes and shaggy pale-blond, neck-length hair that frames his face. He possesses wrinkles and age spots, and his mouth noticeably consists of two protruding front teeth. He is also noticeably overweight.


The Former Head Trancy is a prurient man, infatuated with younger children. He is inclined to abuse the children whilst committing lustful actions with them.


The Former Head Trancy had Jim Macken and some other boys to be brought to him, his motive being to find pleasure. He examined each individual, and when he reached Jim, he initially rejected him due to his "filthy eyes".

However he soon grew unsatisfied with the other boys. Jim successfully used his sex appeal to beguile him, and became the Former Head Trancy's favorite. Consequently, the Former Head Trancy died presumably of natural causes, and Jim took over the identity of Alois Trancy, the new head of the Trancy household.


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