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Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain, also known as Hell Lord, is a minor antagonist of the 2012 horror/comedy film The Cabin in the Woods. He is one of the many Monsters created by the Ancient Ones for the Organization, in order to punish and kill the young.

He is based on the figure of Pinhead from Clive Barker's Hellbound Heart and The Scarlet Gospels, as well as the Hellraiser-films that are based on them.

He was portrayed by Greg Zach.


Fornicus, alongside two minions, were created by Ancient Ones for the American branch of the Organization, in order to punish and kill the young sacrifices. He would be summoned into the game via a spherical puzzle orb.

By the time of the last ritual Gary Sitterson put his bet on the creature, hoping it would be summoned to kill the five teens. Curt Vaughan, one of the five sacrifices, almost did, but Dana Polk managed to summon the Buckner Family instead.

Hours later, Dana Polk and Marty Mikalski are the only survivor left and descend into the enigmatic facility, where they see countless of monsters, including Fornicus.

Unlike most other monsters, Fornicus remained quiet holding a spherical puzzle orb, simliar to the one Curt had almost used. This made Dana realize what the ritual was all about and she started to scream at the Hell Lord, who still remained quiet.

During the System Purge Fornicus and his minions were released, and they were seen torturing a facility worker in the staircases. Fornicus was killed when the Ancient Ones destroyed the world.


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