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If you thought Hanzo was a harsh master before, wait until you meet the real Scorpion.
~ Forrest Fox to Takeda Takashi in the Mortal Kombat X comic.

Forrest Fox is from the Mortal Kombat X comic which is currently his only appearance.


Originally, Forrest Fox was a teenager who experienced a tragic event in his life. Hanzo Hushai, the leader of the Shirai Ryu clan of ninjas, handpicked Forrest Fox to be in the clan. Fox lived in the clan's temple which was located in the Himalayan mountains. Fox also became the sparring partner of Takeda Takashi who is Husashi's young apprentice. After easily winning a fight against Takeda, Fox was praised for his skills in combat. This made Takeda jealous but he was reassured by Husahsi. As years passed, Fox and Takeda started to become friends as well as rivals. Eventually, Takeda managed to beat Fox in a fight. Fox was then appointed as Takeda's protector. Suddenly, Fox began to hear a strange voice in his head. Earlier, the Shirai Ryu received an unwelcome vist from the thunder god Raiden. He warned the clan about a demon who was targeting the protectors of Earthrealm.

During the night, Fox was tormented again by the strange voice. It possessed Fox and forced him to steal a dagger from the clan. Fox used the dagger to cut off his own face. Takeda was awoken by the noise. He encountered Fox who claimed to have murdered the entire Shirai Ryu clan. He then showed Takeda something disturbing: Husashi hanging upside down by his own kunai. Fox handed a sword to Takeda with the intention of Takeda killing Husashi. Takeda refused to kill his own master. Fox mocked Takeda by calling him a runner and not a fighter. While Fox turned his back, Takeda used his own whip to attack Fox. This caused Fox to retaliate by shooting a red beam and causing Takeda to fly backwards through the air. Suddenly, Husashi awoke and escaped his bonds. He transformed into Scorpion and told Fox that he will pay with his life. Scorpion then snatched Fox's neck and stabbed a dagger into Fox's heart. Even though Fox was badly wounded, he managed to survive the attack. He then used a red beam to knock Scorpion into the snow. Fox's face was still mutilated. It then spoke by using the voice of the demonic voice. The demonic voice thanked Scorpion and proclaimed that it grew stronger with every passing drop of blood. It then mocked Scorpion for trusting Raiden. It said that the dagger was connected to the dark sorcerer Quan Chi. Takeda used the dagger to split Fox's throat in half and killed him. After Hanzo transformed back into himself, he took the dagger from Fox's corpse. He silently comforted Takeda was shocked. After burning the dead body of Fox, Hanzo and Takeda set off to avenge the death of the Shirai Ryu.


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