Forrest (1)

Forrest Gates is an antagonist from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

He was portrayed by Leonard Roberts, who also portrayed the heroic character, D.L. Hawkins, in Heroes.


He was a soldier and a member of "The Initiative". As such he had the task, as a student camouflaged, demons chasing. When he met Buffy, he liked her first. But after becoming a member of the Initiative and Riley's girlfriend, he hated her for her "unmilitary" attitude.

One evening, Buffy was on the hunt for Adam, accidentally meeting Forrest. She told him to leave because Adam was too strong for him, but Forrest attacked him. Adam could easily defeat him.

Shortly thereafter, Forrest was turned into a creature similar to a hybrid of humans, demons, and machines, like Adam. As a result, Forrest helped him continue his project and wanted to kill Buffy. When Adam was able to capture Riley, Buffy came to his rescue and freed him. As a result, Forrest fought Riley, and although Forrest was much stronger than him, Riley managed to kill him with an explosion.



  • He was the epitome of the typical, obedient soldier, who obeyed orders without questioning them. At the same time, he had a rejection of demons, which was already bordering on racism, and he often referred to them as "beasts". Ironically, after his transformation, his personality did not change much, except that he was now on the side of Adam and not on the Initiative.
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