You have served your purpose!
~ Fossilador to Kira, after being revived.

Fossilador is a minor antagonist in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. He only appears in the episode "The Missing Bone", in which he serves as a major antagonists.

He was voiced by Glen Drake.


Originally, Fossilador was an experimental dinosaur skeleton created by Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer. However, he suddenly went out of control and, as a result, was discarded into several pieces. They all were placed in Mercer Museum in Reefside, except of the most important piece, main support bone, that was stored in Tommy's lab.

Years later, when Conner McKnight, Ethan James and Kira Ford were on school trip in this museum, Kira ended up in storage where remains of Fossilador were held. She was captured by Tyrannodrones and brought before Fossilador's skull. Fossilador then put her under his control and ordered her to bring his final component, namely, the bone that was held in Tommy's lab. Kira, under Fossilador's control, succeeded in doing this and brought the missing bone to museum storage where Fossilador was kept. When she brought the final bone, Fossilador merged itself back together and released her from mind control. Shortly after he grew giant and started wreaking havoc within the Reefside. With Kira lying unconscious inside museum, Conner and Ethan formed the Incomplete Thundersaurus Megazord to fight Fossilador.

During the fight, Fossilador had an upper hand. Then Kira, now free from mind control, arrived with Pterazord, which merged with Incomplete Megazord, forming Thundersaurus Megazord, this time complete one. However, the Rangers still had a problems with Fossilador due to his regenerating ability. However, with Tommy's help, Rangers hit Fossilador's weak spot, destroying him once and for all.


Fossilador is a very cunning, deceitful, manipulative and arrogant monster. He is also very chaotic since he loves to cause destruction. He thought that nobody can defeat him due to his regenerative abilities.

Powers and Abilities

  • Brainwashing
  • Regeneration
  • Expelling miasma from jaws


  • Kira Ford
  • Ethan James
  • Conner McKnight


  • Fossilador's Super Sentai counterpart in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger is Giganoid 4: Resurrection. Unlike Fossilador, Resurrection was unable to speak, already started out as giant and did not have brainwashing abilities.
  • Fossilador's voice actor, Glen Drake previously voiced Goldwinger on Power Rangers Ninja Storm and later voiced Delapoo on Power Rangers SPD.


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