One of the Foulmouthed Crows (Foul-mouthed Crows).

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F**k you! Caw!
~ One of the Foulmouthed Crows.

The Foulmouthed Crows (sometimes spelled "Foul-mouthed Crows") or Crows, are demonic foul-mouthed crows that constantly swear and cuss, and they are one of the villains of the 2013 supernatural, apocalyptic fantasy/comedy film, Rapture-Palooza (also known as Ecstasy).

These ravens that are unlike the natural non-speaking crow species, appeared as one of the unusual signs of the end times that happened after the Rapture, and they came flying about everywhere and endlessy yell obscenities and offensive language during the rule of "The Beast".

The foul-mouthed crows swarm over the American city of Seattle, Washington, where both the fair Lindsley Lewis and her beloved boyfriend Ben House lived. One of the crows first pestered them while the two were grocery shopping.

They soon all died mysteriously after the final battle between the Beast and God.


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