You get a perfect 100!
~ Final words before Death

The Fountain Pen Shadow is a fountain pen-themed shadow monster who appears as an antagonist in episode 36 of Ressha Sentai ToQger.

He was voiced by Nobuo Tobita, who also voiced Kagekamuro in Shinkenger, Brajira of the Messiah in Goseiger, Hattena in Zyuohger, Mothma in Kyuranger, and Namero Bacho in Lupinranger VS Patranger.


The Fountain Pen Shadow made his first appearance at the Hakutendaigakumae as he used his ability and open fired on the two ladies giving them both zeroes as shown they were converted into males. However this didn't went unnoticed when Haru and Kagura spotted him. So he used his ability and gave the glasses a zero. With that said the remaining team members transformed and battle the shadow creep. After that he then sprays his black ink at the team and then leave scene.

A while later he then appeared in the exact classroom where Hikari is reunited with his sensei back in elementary where he used his ability as he converts the hairstyle into a bowl cut and he was about to do the same to the teach, but Hikari saved her in the nick of time however the ToQger showed up he was about to used his ability on them until he ran out of ink as he was forced to retreat in order to reload himself.

A while later he was then outside as he used one of the Kuros to refuel his arsenal. A while later the team showed up and battle the Fountain Pen Shadow however he used his own as he managed to ToQ 2gou, ToQ 3gou, and ToQ 5gou into ToQ 0gous and for the leader he was converted from ToQ 1gou to ToQ -100gou giving the team a sense of failure. However Hikari arrived and aid the team to battle this Shadow Creep. After that the Fountain Pen Shadow is then defeated by this finisher called Hyper 5 Linkup Crash and thus those who were affected by the Fountain Pen Shadow's ability were sent back to normal.

However with enough darkness that the Fountain Pen Shadow has already gathered he was forced to enlarge himself as Akira brought in Build Dai-Oh Drill to battle him. However this attack of Akira's only made the Fountain Pen Shadow grow even bigger than the Megazord. Which means the team were forced to bring out ToQ Rainbow to battle the Fountain Pen Shadow. After that the Fountain Pen Shadow was then destroyed by this finisher called Final Slash.



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