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I hate you... I hate your kind with all of my heart!
~ Four to Gyuhwan

Four is one of the variant monsters and an antagonist in Shotgun Boy. He is a shape-shifting monster who is dead-set on killing humanity due to experimentation from the MM Corporation.


Although his true form is unknown, Four takes the form of a burglar who broke into his house a long time ago. He appears as a muscular humanoid man wearing the camp employee uniform. At will he can send out multiple tentacles throughout his body, however.


In the past, Four blended into the human world as a firefighter. Unlike the other variants, he wasn't violent, only killing a burglar who broke in to his home and taking his identity. After being experimented on by the MM Corporation, however, he developed a hatred for humanity. Eventually, him and his fellow Variants took over Area C and took down a truck containing a powerful monster named Zero by accident. They used the area as a cover for a retreat ground for high school students.


Four used to be a kind monster who only wanted to live a normal life, but due to experimentation from the MM, he has a strong hatred for humans and enjoys killing them. He seems to be the musclehead of the group. He considers himself superior to humans, often bragging about being able to manipulate protein in his body. He is not above mocking his prey before killing them. He is shown to be somewhat dishonorable in fights as he is not above using students as human shields to save himself and will blind his opponents to escape.

Powers and Abilities

Presumably like other Variants, Four can steal the memories and appearance of a person after ingesting their brains.

Four is able to manipulate multiple powerful tentacles throughout his body. Additionally, he possesses superhuman strength, speed and regeneration (taking an hour to regenerate an arm.) He is also able to use smokescreens to blind his opponents.


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