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The Four Beast is an ancient beast, originating from the Gourmet World. Once every few centuries, the beast enters the Human World and unleashes four beasts.


It was revealed that the Four Beast was created by the Nitro Species in the Gourmet World during ancient times. Once every few centuries, the Four Beast enters the Human World and creates four beasts from itself, called its "limbs", as it did to collect humans for its Nitro masters to experiment on. The Eight Kings of the Gourmet World took on the Four Beast to balance the delicacy of the Gourmet World. The Four Beast soon learned the Eight Kings strengths and skills from its battle with them.

However, the beast still lived on in the Human World and was still collecting humans. Luckily, future IGO president, Ichiryu, and his brother, Master Jiro, managed to defeat and seal the Four Beast 200 years ago, in the center of the Human World. Ever since then, the Four Beast unleashed its "limbs" upon the surface of the world to attract humans to the Four Beast for it to consume. In the present day, the limbs of the Four Beast swim through the surface and are destroying seperate locations as they travel.


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