The Fox is the main antagonist of the 1981 anime film Enchanted Journey. He was presented as a relentless beast who roared like a dinosaur and struck terror into the hearts of all of the Siberian chipmunks, even moreso than their other main enemy, the Hawk.


Despite being the main antagonist, his role in the film is small. The Fox first appears when Glikko and Nono make it to the snowy mountains and get attacked by the Hawk. The Fox intervenes and battles with the Hawk. While the two predators are fighting, the chipmunks escape. After they're gone, the Fox kills the Hawk, and with blood-drenched lips turns and looks ominously in the direction Nono and Glikko went.

The Fox makes a brief appearance as he stalks Glikko and Nono during a snowstorm. The next morning, as the two chipmunks are headed to the North Forest, the Fox is seen watching Glikko and Nono from above and begins to follow them.

When the pair are reunited with the other chipmunks in the forest, Pippo sees the Fox coming, having followed Glikko and Nono. The chipmunks flee in terror from the beast, whilst Glikko, blaming himself for leading the Fox to where all the chipmunks live, tries to fend him off. Nono attempts to help, but is vicious batted aside. So too does Pippo the pigeon, but the Fox grievously wounds him. Both of them survive and the Fox pursues Glikko to the edge of a cliff.

Jutting from the cliff there was a branch and Glikko scurried out onto it. The Fox followed, threatening to snap the branch with his weight. Across the gulf was Glikko's only salvation; the other side of the ravine. The other chipmunks, looking on, called for their friend to jump. Glikko finally leaped - just as the Fox did, too, snapping the branch.

The Fox's claws raked across Glikko's back in midair, but only succeeded in tearing Glikko's bandana. Glikko made it safely across while the chipmunks' most dreaded enemy fell victim to gravity; the Fox and the broken branch plummeted soundlessly down the gorge and out of sight.





  • Glikko and Nono's encounter with the Fox was foreshadowed when Pippo warns Glikko about the dangers on his journey to the forest, such as foxes and hawks.
  • Despite being the main antagonist, he had less than 6 minutes of screen-time.
  • Although his role is small, the Fox is still the main antagonist, because he had bigger plans and was far more dangerous than anyone else.