Foxbat is a supervillain from Champions Online. Unlike many of the other enemies in the game, who are out for mass-destruction or conquest, he is content with commiting insane stunts and elaborate practical jokes purely for his own amusement, as well as challenging superheroes and authorities while filming the events so as to play out his twisted fantasies on the world.

Foxbat is an extremely egomaniacal and arrogant person, thinking of himself as the supreme supervillain and seeing every living being as a plaything - having no problem with mass havoc he is an insane and dangerous individual whose goofy appearance and whimsical pranks disguise the mind of a true psychotic.

Foxbat first appeared in the pen and paper role playing game supliment Enimies 3, for Hero Games roleplaying game Champions. He also appeared in Classic Enimies, Foxbat Unhinged, and Foxbat For President (amoung other adventures over the years). He also appeared in the Champions comic book by Heroic Publishing until a controversial disagreement forced the publisher to change his name to the Flying Fox.

First Encounter

Foxbat's first major conflict with the player is when he takes over a local television network and tries to broadcast the ensuing fight to show himself as the best supervillain, however his plan backfires when the player instead defeats him live on-air.

Vibora Bay

Foxbat is infamous for putting the female hero Sapphire into a voodoo-induced state as part of a plan to force her into marrying him - luckily the player helps to stop Foxbat before his plan is successful.