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Winslow Foxworth "Foxy" Coltrane is the deuteragonist villain of 3 From Hell. He is the half-brother of Otis B. Driftwood and Baby Firefly.

He was portrayed by Richard Brake.


Foxy manages to help Otis escape from prison while he was doing outside prison work, and Otis kills Rondo in the process as well as several prison guards and other inmates.

Once free, Foxy and Otis begin planning to free Baby from prison. To accomplish this, they kidnap the family and friends of the prison's warden, Virgil Dallas Harper. Foxy and Otis demand that Harper help Baby sneak out of prison or they will murder everyone they hold hostage. Harper follows their commands and sneaks Baby out of prison by disguising her as a guard. However, once Baby is freed, Otis and Foxy decide to eliminate the loose ends and kill all the hostages, as well as Harper.

Now united, they are undecided as to what to do next but eventually decide to flee to Mexico, a decision that is made more pressing due to the growing instability of Baby.

Foxy, Otis, and Baby manage to successfully cross the border and flee to a small town in Mexico that is celebrating the Day of the Dead and hole up in the town's lone hotel. They briefly worry about being recognized but dismiss these concerns, unaware that the hotel's owner Carlos Perro has in fact recognized them and has alerted Rondo's son, Aquarius, to their location. Carlos keeps them occupied with both the celebration and local prostitutes, while Aquarius heads out to the location with several henchmen.

The following morning, when Aquarius and his men arrive, the local worker Sebastian warns Foxy, Otis, and Baby of the danger, before they started going into conflict and killing many of them. Foxy, Otis, and Baby become separated, and Otis manages to find Carlos and kill him.

Eventually. Foxy and Baby are captured by Aquarius. Aquarius and his remaining henchmen use Foxy and Baby to draw Otis out into the open. Otis squares off against one of Aquarius's men in a machete fight while Sebastian sneaks up and silently frees both Foxy and Baby, but is shot and killed in the process.

This enrages Aquarius, distracting one of his men in the machete fight and allowing Otis to gain the upper hand. After Foxy, Otis and Baby kill Aquarius's remaining henchmen, they manage to overpower him and burn him to death before walking off into the Mexican town, and as well driving out on the highway.


  • Six Prison Guards - Shot by Foxy and Otis off-screen, bodies shown.
  • Seven Convicts - Shot by Foxy and Otis off-screen, bodies shown.
  • Camera Operator - Shot by Foxy.
  • Judy Harper - Throat slit by Foxy after Warden Harper accidentally shot her in the chest.
  • Black Satan Henchman #1 - After being shot and wounded by Foxy and then shot in the head by Otis.
  • Black Satan Henchman #2 - After being shot and wounded by Foxy and then beaten to death by Otis with his gun.
  • Black Satan Henchman #3 - Shot in the head by Foxy.
  • Francisco "Aquarius" Mendoza Chavez - Burned to death with gasoline by Otis, Baby, and Foxy.
    • Total - 19 (17 Shared)


  • Foxy was born to either Otis's father or mother.
  • Foxy's criminal past and what he did to earn the nickname “Midnight Wolfman” is unknown.
  • It is likely that Foxy once lived at the Firefly residence, until being separated for unknown reasons at some point before the events of House of 1000 Corpses.


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