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Oh, Yeah? Don't believe everything you read, brother.
~ Foxy Loxy's last words at the end of the cartoon.

Foxy Loxy is the main antagonist of the 1943 Disney animated short Chicken Little.

He was voiced by the late Frank Graham, who was also the narrator of the short, as well as the voice actor of Chicken Little, Cocky Locky and Turkey Lurkey.

Before the short

Foxy Loxy was supposed to represent the dictator Adolf Hitler, and the book that he read was supposed to be Mein Kampf, according to Leonard Maltin's commentary on the short's DVD release. The birds' gravesites are also supposed to have swastikas instead of wishbones.

However, Walt Disney decided to use wishbones and a psychology book instead, so he could prevent the short from becoming outdated.

However, the pages Foxy Loxy read came from Mein Kampf.


Foxy is a tall and slender red fox, black fur on his front and back paws, white fur on his stomach, mouth and tail's end tip, yellow eyes, sharp white teeth, a black nose, black eyebrows and yellow eyes. Although Foxy's teeth are white, Foxy also has one gold tooth.

Foxy was also disguised a female once as he wore yellow gloves and a black hat with a pink bow and grapes on it.


Foxy Loxy is very sneaky, evil, mysterious, arrogant, intelligent, manipulative, villainous, mean and sinister because he likes to kill and eat animals. He is also very cunning since he likes to trick others.


  • The 1943 version of Foxy Loxy is the only male version of Foxy Loxy, as the 2005 movie version and the Ace in Action version are both females.
  • Foxy Loxy was one of the few Disney villains to succeed in his evil plans and he does not get defeated or killed at all.


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