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Foxy Loxy is the main antagonist of the Chicken Little video game, Chicken Little: Ace in Action. She is Goosey Loosey's leader, boss and best friend and the arch-nemesis of Ace/Hollywood Chicken Little.

She is voiced by Nika Futterman.

Unlike most Hollywood or space versions of the Chicken Little characters, the space version of Foxy and Goosey do not appear in the Chicken Little movie made in 2005.


Foxy Loxy is an orange fox with grey clothes, brown hair, black eyebrows and white sharp teeth. Foxy wears a black eyepatch one of her eyes, meaning that she is a pirate. She also has a black eye, which is an eye that does not have an eyepatch.

She also has a pink love heart on her grey clothes.


While Foxy Loxy is not evil in the 2005 Chicken Little film despite being an antagonistic bully, Foxy is evil in Chicken Little: Ace in Action, which is a video game based on the finale of the 2005 Chicken Little film as she, along with Goosey Loosey, both want to take over Earth.


  • This version of Foxy Loxy could be considered Adaptational Villainy as the 2005 movie version of Foxy Loxy is an antagonist but not a villain. However, even if the Ace in Action version of Foxy Loxy is considered adaptational villainy, the 1940's version of Foxy Loxy is also evil.


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