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Fraidy Cats and his nine lives.

Every kitty has nine lives. But eight of mine went fast. Now there's only one life left, and I want to make it last!
~ Fraidy Cat on his nine lives.

Fraidy Cat's Ninty Lives are major antagonists in the Fraidy Cat shorts on Uncle Croc's Block, a Saturday morning parody of kids' shows with live hosts. The premise was that Fraidy "Nine" Cat was a cat on his ninth and final life, fully aware of and horrifically paranoid about this fact. His futile attempts at caution, fearful attitude and just plain terrible luck often placed him in life-threatening situations. But to make matters infinitely worse, sometimes the mention of any number from one through eight unleashed the ghosts of his previous eight lives, seven that tried to help him and one that actively wanted his final life to end. Fraidy's final life was destined to be a living hell on a show that couldn't even use that word. The lives ran the gamut from disastrously well-intended to the pushy "man up" types to the truly evil and murderous, and Fraidy could not catch so much as a single break. Any appearance by any of them meant bad things for him, and more than one could appear at the same time.

The lives were:

  • Tinker Elephunt "Cave One" Cat - A cave cat type with a pet dinosaur named "Ant" whose efforts to help Fraidy were mistakenly made hopeless by his pea-sized brain and lumbering movements.
  • Kitty "Two" Wizard - A wizard whose skills evoke Orko more than Gandalf or Dumbledore.
  • Captain "Three" Kitt - A pirate who was willing to take any risk - no matter what it cost Fraidy.
  • Sir Walter "Four" Cat - A medieval swordsman also ashamed of Fraidy's cowardice - and who also almost got him killed.
  • William "Billy Five" H. the Kit - A Yosemite Sam style runt cowboy with an itchy trigger and attitude to spare
  • Jasper "Six" Catdaver - An undertaker who wants to perform his last life's funeral and pushes for this.
  • Captain Eddie "Seven" Cattenbakker - A barnstorming pilot who makes Launchpad McQuack look like Maverick
  • Hep "Eight" Cat - A Roaring Twenties type with a big mouth for getting Fraidy in trouble
  • Cloud Nine - A number nine-like cloud that appears and fires lightning at Fraidy, trying to end it all quickly and painfully.

The whys and wherefores of Fraidy's wretched existence are never explored in any of the eighteen episodes.