François Molay is the secondary antagonist of the spy action comedy Agent Cody Banks. He is the right hand man of Dr. Brinkman, the head of ERIS.

He is portrayed by Arnold Vosloo, who also portrayed Imhotep and Zartan.


François Molay is the henchmen and second in command of ERIS. He accompanies Dr. Brinkman to supervise Dr. Albert Connors in making the nanobots.

He encounters Cody Banks at Connor's daughter Natalie's birthday party and plays poker with him and suffers a humiliating defeat. When he and Brinkman suspect Cody of being an agent of the CIA.

When Connors decides to quit ERIS, François and his men go to kidnap Natalie in order for Dr. Brinkman to blackmail Connors to work for him again. He finds Natalie and Cody at a restaurant and he and Cody fight while his men take Natalie. The fight ends with him knocking out Cody out.

François returns to ERIS and discovers Cody has came to rescue Natalie. Under Brinkman's orders, he recaptures Natalie and Cody's handler Veronica but Cody gets away. He later fights Veronica when Cody does a surprise attack on them. When Natalie makes Brinkman swallow an ice cube with nanobot's in them. François attempts to save him with the remote to no avail. Cody then punches him into one of the exploding lower levels of the base.

Though badly burn, François survives and fights Cody as he is leaving the base but Cody defeats him by strapping him to the SoloTrek XFV and he is arrested by the CIA, promising to Cody he will get him once he is out of prison. But Cody mocks him about his new haircut.


  • Though Dr. Brinkman was the main villain of the film, François did all of the action and was far more threatening towards Cody than Brinkman.
  • He has similarities to the James Bond tough right hand henchmen.