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Frances Goodman is the main protagonist of the Chick Tract entitled "The Last Surprise".

The Last Surprise

In the comic, Frances was apparently a fairly rich woman, having inherited a fortune from her late husband Earl, who apparently worked in real estate. She at one point claimed she was the sister of the preacher in this comic, but it is quite likely that she was lying, as at the time she was trying to be allowed into his hospital room. She was very controlling of the preacher, believing that her large financial donations to the church gave her the right to heavily influence his decisions, and threatening to cut off this financial support if he did not do whatever she wanted. When she was first introduced, she gave a check to the church so that they could change the color of their carpet.

When she was at the church, a youth pastor named Glen comes to her and asks her if she is saved. She is immediately enraged by his questions, and she goes to the pastor (who is named Baldwin by the way), and demands that he be fired, not even caring that Glen needed the job to support his wife who was diagnosed with cancer, and she had another child on the way so he needed to support the child as well. After Glen left, Frances continued to speak badly about him, to the point that Baldwin has a heart attack and dies in the hospital. He is soon replaced by a man named Glenn Benson.

Glenn almost immediately gets on Frances' bad side; When she goes to his office intent on telling him what his first sermon should be about, she is informed by the church secretary that she cannot just barge in and see him at any time like she could with Pastor Baldwin, she would need to make an appointment. Further, the secretary returns Frances' check, on the grounds that while Glenn was grateful for the gift, he thinks the church's carpeting looks fine the way it is. Glenn's first sermon further intensifies Frances' anger at him. When Glenn begins talking about Hell, Frances is immediately angered, because she claims everybody knows that Hell does not exist, and she leaves. While on the road leading to her home, continuing to fume over the new preacher, she goes through a red light and dies in a car crash. She is then dragged to Hell to be tortured for eternity.


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