Francesco Salviati Riario (1443 – 1479)
He knows you come for him... emerging only in darkness to meet with the others...
~ Francisco Salviati talking about Jacopo.

Francesco Salviati of Pisa (1443-1479) is a villain from the videogame Assassin's Creed II. He was a Templar, and he was one of the Pazzi Conspirators. He was assassinated by Ezio. Salviati is one of the main Antagonists of Sequence 5, "Loose Ends".

Francesco Salviati was the archbishop of Piza and one of the major Pazzi Conspirators.

Francesco was convinced he would be the next archbishop of Florence, so he was enraged when Lorenzo de' Medici stood in his way.

The templars gave him a chance to heal his wounds. It was Salviati who marched the Pazzi's soldiers into the city.

When the Conspiracy failed, he fled to Tuscany, locking himself up in Villa Salviati. Ezio managed to open the gate for the mercenaries. While the mercenaries fight his soldiers, he assassinated Salviati.

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