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Don't get too carried away there, Apacci. Else I'll murder you.
~ Franceska Mila Rose.

Franceska Mila Rose is the 55th Arrancar, and one of a Fracción of Tier Harribel and a villainess from the anime/manga Bleach.

She was voiced by legendary voice actress Erin Fitzgerald.



Mila Rose Hollow Form

Mila Rose as a Hollow.

Before becoming a Números, Mila Rose was an Adjuchas Hollow which strongly resembles a lion. She, along with Sung-Sun, was part of Tier Harribel's group before Sōsuke Aizen recruited them. After Harribel saves Emilou Apacci, she introduces her to Sung-Sun and Mila Rose and asks her to join them. Later, she chased down a Hollow with Apacci and Sung-Sun, which ended in an argument.

Some time after, Harribel and her comrades were called before the court of the God-King of Hueco Mundo, Baraggan Louisenbairn. After Harribel was confronted by Baraggan's court, Mila Rose witnessed her cutting down the Hammerhead Hollow and rejecting his offer to join him or leave Hueco Mundo. Later, back at their lair, Mila Rose mentions rumors about Baraggan and his army and the truth that many of his Hollow soldiers have cracked masks, but Apacci dismisses the rumors as unimportant and was confident that they could handle anyone with Harribel as their leader. Just then, their conversation was interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Hammerhead Hollow that now has a cracked mask, signifying he's an Arrancar, who proceeded to attack them. Their leader, Harribel, appeared and told her comrades to run. Mila Rose escapes with the others, but Apacci said that they should return and help Harribel. They did, but were quickly defeated by the strong Hammerhead Arrancar, leaving Harribel to fight alone. Before he could slay her, Aizen appears and dispatches the Hammerhead Arrancar.

Invasion of Hueco Mundo

Battle of Karakura Town


Mila Rose appears to be rational, but easily pissed off by insults from her fellow Fracción and Rangiku Matsumoto, who calls her a female gorilla. When fighting, she can also be somewhat sadistic.


Mila Rose Released

Mila Rose's Leona released.

Being an Arrancar, Mila Rose a high Spiritual Powers. She's an expert on Sonído. Mila Rose can also generate an orange cero. She is a skilled swordsman, and uses her Zanpakutō; Leona. Like most arrancars, Mila-Rose can activate her Zanpakutō by it's release command; Devour. In this form her true powers are unknown, because Mila-Rose along with her Fracción partners used a technique; Quimera Parca. By scarifcing their left arm, they were able to summon their "Pet"; Ayon.

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