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Francine Bishop

Francine Bishop is the main antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes". She is a student of X Middle School who holds a strong grudge against the school's safety commissioner Horatio Vallejo.

She was voiced by Mae Whitman.


Francine was the younger sister of school profiler Frank Bishop, who was once a Safety Patrol officer. However, it was not the case when Frank was thrown off the force after a mishap in catching the scam artist Chachi, who suffered an allergic reaction after Frank threw a vat of gazpacho. Due to a lawsuit filed by Chachi's parents, Frank was publicly kicked out from the Patrol and wasted much of his time mooching off in his room.

Feeling sorry for Frank, Francine blames his old partner Vallejo (who was scared to vouch to Frank at that time as he wanted to become Safety Commissioner at that time) for her brother's dismissal and vows to make him pay. To that end, she and her friends (Gina Abbott, Lorenzo Amador and Bernice Beachmont) staged a series of shredding incidents on their own pet projects, all for to divert Frank's attention and work with the Safety Patrol once again.

However, this was not the case when Fillmore and Third learned that all of the victims were members of the X Middle School Drama Club and that Francine is next on the target. To that end, Vallejo decides to watch over Francine in her own backyard where she made her ice sculpture. However, Frank spotted a poster with all of the victims' names (including Francine) and a Shredder in her own person, making him realize that she's the true culprit. When Frank confronted her sister about this, Francine revealed her true intentions to Vallejo, blaming him for what happened to Frank. She then locks up both Frank and Vallejo in an ice cell, revealing that the shredding incidents were nothing more than a ruse to lure Vallejo into a trap so that he will miss his hearing for his second term as Commissioner.

Eventually, Fillmore and Third came to the same conclusion after eavsdropping on the conversation. Fillmore manages to free both Frank and Vallejo, who then took Francine and her friends into custody. It can be implied that Francine and her friends will serve either detention or suspension for their actions.


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