~ Briggs screaming to the students.

Francine Briggs is an antagonistic English teacher of the Nickelodeon Sitcom, iCarly. Along with Mr. Howard, she is one of the known villains on the series due to her abuse of her power over the students (she dislikes Sam the most out of all her students).

She was portrayed by Mindy Sterling who later voiced the Supervisor from Mars Needs Moms and also portrayed Dr. Shiela Voss in Shredderman Rules.


In "iSpy a Mean Teacher", Carly and Freddie sneak off to Ms. Briggs' house with the pie-cam to shoot a video of what she is doing in her free time. They have to hide in a closet that turns out to be a shrine of Randy Jackson. They spend hours in the room and call Sam for help and before they get ready to leave, but then they are caught after Freddie stepped on Briggs's bagpipes. Briggs threatens them to suspend them and call the police. Briggs offers to let them off the hook if she may appear on iCarly and play her bagpipes (which Carly, Sam, and Freddie reluctantly agree). The show starts losing viewers and Freddie manages to playing funny videos on the green screen behind her back.

In "iHave My Principals", Briggs and Howard become principals after Franklin gets fired, they make everyone wear blue and khaki uniforms, have security cameras installed to spy on the stundents and randomly give detention. Carly and her friends decide to find a way to get Principal Franklin his job back. The next day, Sam and Gibby trick and lock Briggs and Howard in the office closet. The other students harass the visiting Superintendent Gorman and make him ride a mechanical bull. Ms. Briggs and Mr. Howard are unable to calm the students down, but when Principal Franklin comes in to pick up his last check, he yells at the students and everyone leaves to class. Seeing this, Superintendent Gorman rehired him as principal and reluctantly lets Mr. Howard and Mrs. Briggs have their jobs back as teachers.


  • She is a fan of Randy Jackson of the music band Jackson 5.
  • She plays the bagpipes and loves Scottish music and dancing.
  • She hates citrus fruit.
  • According to Sam, she is dating Mr. Howard despite him being married.


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