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Suck fist, Dr. Dork!
~ Francine to Lisa Simpson

Francine Rhenquist is a bully and the main antagonist in The Simpsons episode, Bye Bye Nerdie.

She was voiced by Kathy Griffin


Being a new student at Springfield Elementary, other children consider Francine as a shy and withdrawn girl and they soon start gossiping her. However, Lisa, who feels sympathy to the new student, attempts to befriend her, only to be socked in the eye by Francine.

This incident doesn't discourage Lisa at all and she tries to befriend Francine once again. However, it ends up with Francine biting Lisa's beloved doll's head off and locking her in her own locker. Soon after, Francine becomes Lisa's (and the other nerds') worst nightmare.

When Nelson Muntz and other bullies deny to help Lisa because they don't do girls, Lisa decides to find another way. She notices Francine bullies only nerds and leaves alone the rest of the students just like Bart. As the research continues, Lisa slowly realizes Francine can smell pheromones nerds give off and which lead her to attack them.

Although being beaten up by Francine during the research, Lisa eventually manages to isolate the chemical which is emitted by every nerd, and thus create some sort of a bully repellent. With a little help from Francine's parents who are able to lock her in the cage, Lisa can demonstrate her repellent in front of scientists. Once Lisa applies her repellent on her, Francine stops trying to attack her and just stands in front of Lisa, looking puzzled around. The scientists are excited by Lisa's experiment, until Francine smells their own pheromones and starts attacking the scientists.


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