Francine Rehnquist
Francine Rhenquist is a bully who moved to Springfield Elementary School for a short while.

She arrived at school as a newcomer, and was initially believed to be very shy and withdrawn.

However, upon Lisa attempting to befriend her, she unveils her true colors as a bully by socking Lisa in the eye.

After several failed attempts at Lisa befriending Francine, Francine became the subject of Lisa's science experiment on the motivations of bullies. She only picks on nerds because of the pheromones they give off, which Lisa proved. She was initially pacified by garden dressing, but she apparently developed an immunity to it. Her last name was revealed in "Little Girl in the Big Ten", where it is seen on Brunella Pommelhorst's gym class list.


  • She is voiced by Kathy Griffin.
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