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You have the undeserved ego of Jeremy Piven, the annoying self righteousness of Sean Penn and the embarrassing hypocrisy of Rush Linbar, you're almost as bad as Rachel Ray.
~ Francine Smith

Francine Lee Smith (née Ling and Dawson) is the tritagonist of American Dad!. She is also the wife of Stan Smith, and the mother of Hayley Smith and Steve Smith. Despite she is genuinely a gentle, caring and sweet woman, she has a cruel, sadistic and psychopathic side of her personality, she becomes a neglectful mother toward her children as the series progresses.

She is voiced by Wendy Schaal in the English version of the cartoon, and Claudia Razzi in the Italian version of the cartoon.

Villainous Acts

  • Helps Stan kidnap his half-brother Rusty and his parents so they could live in their expensive mansion.
  • When Steve spends more time with his girlfriend Debbie, Francine tries to keep him from growing up by ruining a scrapbook he made for Debbie to the point where she stashes drugs in Steve's locker and got him suspended from school.
    • Immediately after this Steve deduces Francine was behind his suspension by recognizing the "Property of Steve Smith" writing on the planted drugs she used to frame him causing him to sever ties with his mother for her possessive and controlling nature. This causes Francine to want to have another baby, but knowing Stan would be against the idea decides to have sex with him while unconscious, which is considered martial rape. When Stan awakens after Francine's initial attempt at conception, he screams "Rape" before macing Francine who then tries to justify her actions by expressing her desire for a child.
  • Tried to murder George Clooney for stealing her line during a brief acting career in an episode of the television show Scarecrow and Mrs. King and ruining her chance of fame decades ago.
  • Drowns a rare species of bird to cook for Roger Smith despite claiming that she is an animal lover.
  • When Hayley confesses that she is addicted to pot, Francine gives her the cold shoulder.
  • She tries to help her son win the Spelling Bee by kidnapping his love interest, Akiko and locking her in a basement to make Steve think that she doesn't like him anymore, causing Hiko, Akiko's mother to battle Francine in retaliation. This is considered to be her Moral Event Horizon by some fans.
  • Lied about being the lover of a teacher she possessed unrequited love for (she was found by his wife in their closet, cutting herself and sniffing his T-shirts) causing him to be wrongfully imprisoned, where he killed himself.
  • In "The Family Affair", casually admits to stabbing her college roommate to her family.
  • In "Bully for Steve", she is seen fighting illegally in a meat locker, getting stabbed in the shoulder, removing the knife, and apparently killing her opponent "Becky" with a stab into her intestines.
  • Has mentioned being imprisoned in jail multiple times, and getting into violent brawls.
  • It was revealed that she shoplifted for 20 years without getting caught. When she found out that Steve Smith shoplifted from the mall, she kept pushing him into doing it even though Stan told them not to, which backfires and causes Steve to get arrested.
  • Tried to kill an entire group of bystanders to help Stan kill a CIA target despite Stan's protests
  • Francine admits in "Dr. Klaustus", that she takes $50 dollars from Stan's wallet every week to buy drugs.
  • In "1600 Candles",Francine turned her son Steve into a child again so she could prevent him from growing up and so she can continue to treat him like a baby, also preventing him from getting a date with Lisa Silver.
  • When Francine enforces Stan's house rules and informs Jeff he can no longer use cannabis even though he has a medial prescription to help control a compulsive disorder, she also denies the validity of that statement, even though it has been proven that cannabis is useful as an alternative medicine and Jeff's condition is proven to be very real and causes him to have a highly intensified sex drive that causes him to chronically masterbate all over the house, Francine initially blames Hayley for this, believing that she isn't satisfying Jeff's needs, making her daughter feel bad about herself. When Francine's sex advice doesn't pay off and walks in on Jeff masterbating (for the third time), she finally admits she was wrong and gives Jeff a pass to use his medication again, while even partaking herself.
  • Francine at first when she discovers Stan has mental trauma, depression, and severe anxiety from an embarrassing moment in his childhood that was too much for him to handle and caused his psyche to originally alter and suppress what really happened, before learning the truth, Francine originally tried to lift his spirits by pointing out that Stan made up for his previous unpopularity by becoming a respectable CIA agent, but when the same bullies who picked on Stan and were part of his traumatic experience start harassing him, Francine denied her marriage and relationship to Stan despite knowing that she just made Stan relive his trauma all over again. Later when Stan's damaged psyche causes him to once again misremember what happens with in this instance Stan believes that he was the one who denied their relationship. When Francine realizes this she expresses relief at being in the clear even though she's allowing Stan to accept false memories and remain delusional, even though it will likely cause further decline in Stan's mental health.
  • Francine and the rest of the Smiths gang up on Klaus routinely. Later it's revealed that the Smiths take out all their issues on Klaus which allows them to continue functioning as a family. Without somebody to abuse the Smiths would begin to gang up on each other. In another instance Francine and the others act as if Klaus is out of control, when he simply changes the thermostat by 2 degrees, with Francine crying hysterically demonstrating her delusional and mentally unstable nature (along with Stan who is arguably an insecure and controlling sadist and Roger who has admitted to being a sociopath). They then bring in an animal expert who uses a clicker which actually gives Klaus an energizing, euphoric, and almost drug like effect. They use this as a way to control Klaus' "bad behavior", and upon seeing that Klaus is quite literally addicted to using a click noise, Francine and Stan rent a hotel room to abandon Klaus as his addiction keeps him preoccupied long enough to not interact with the Smiths.
  • Francine has secretly been giving Steve her breast milk for years which causes him to quite literally become dependent on her breast milk to point where he needs it to allow his body to function properly likely meaning that as a long term effect of the breast milk has caused potentially irreparable damage to Steve's body. When the secret is exposed Francine voices her delusional belief that society is wrong and they need to see the "benefits of long term breast feeding", when she basically turned her son into an addict, showing how divorced from reality she really is.


  • Francine is also the final antagonist from Season 2.
  • In "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial", Francine's favorite beverage is Mr. Pibb.
  • Francine is revealed to be left-handed in "Office Spaceman", or was until the nuns of the orphanage that raised her warped her mind into believing left-handers are the Devil's people. Eventually she breaks free of this belief and makes more of an effort to work her left hand again.
  • Francine is not a natural blonde but rather a brunette, which most likely explains why her son Steve is a light brunette, and her daughter Hayley has black hair just like Stan. Before she got a new hairdresser in "Star Trek", her dark roots were visible.
  • Apparently Francine is one of the few women in Langley Falls not having an affair, as most other women belong to the Ladybugs who compare notes on their affairs.
  • She is dressed as the Statue of Liberty and uses the torch as a flamethrower in the online game "American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung-Fu II".
  • She weighs 109 lbs according to her driver's license and her birthday is September 26 which is stated by Stan that Francine’s horoscope is a Libra in "Shallow Vows".
  • She has a fear of needles in "American Dream Factory". However, she previously used a needle to place stitches in Blind Jimmy's arm in "Helping Handis" and again later in "Bar Mitzvah Hustle".
  • Francine reveals in "Stanny-Boy and Frantastic" that she carries a stick of butter in her purse in case of emergency after an incident when she was 8 years old and got her head stuck in a stair banister.
  • In "Dungeons and Wagons", she pierced her navel like her daughter Hayley.
  • In occasions, Francine is depicted as being physically weak. In "Homeland Insecurity", she pointed a gun at Stan and could up hold it up for more than a minute. And in "Frannie 911", she carries Roger with obvious struggle. In "Cops and Roger", Francine and Roger are mugged and the former cannot do a thing to stop it.
  • It is revealed in "Great Space Roaster" that Francine has a dislikes toward Rachael Ray.
  • Francine says that she lost her virginity to a group of angry construction workers in "The Scarlett Getter".
  • In "The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari", Francine hikes up her dress to show Steve she does not have a tattoo stating that she hates him, demonstrating that she occasionally goes without panties.
  • In "The Missing Kink", she developed a spanking fetish.

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