I shall now turn this pink ball of nice into a frozen block of ice! Heh! I always wanted an ice sculpture for my trophy collection!
~ Francisca

Francisca is a member of The Three Mage-Sisters of the Jambastion Cult who serve Lord Hyness and a major antagonist in Kirby Star Allies.

She is voiced by Reina Ueda.



Prior to the events of Star Allies, Francisca was a normal girl who found herself stranded in the middle of a snowstorm. Before she froze to death, Hyness appeared and granted her the power of ice. In gratitude for her rescue, she became one of Hyness' followers alongside Flamberge and Zan Partizanne.

Kirby Star Allies

After Kirby defeated a possessed Meta Knight, Francisca and her comrades land their Jambastion on Planet Popstar. Kirby goes to face the three mages and confronted Francisca first, where it is revealed that they gather dark hearts for some evil purpose. Later on in the game, Kirby encounters Francisca on an icy planet where, furious at herself for losing to him before, Francisca fights him again, but is once again defeated. Near the end of the game, Kirby approaches their master, Hyness, who is performing the reviving ceremony for their god, Void Termina.

During his fight with Kirby, Hyness hypnotizes Francisca and the other two Mages and used them as living weapons to fight Kirby. After Kirby defeats Hyness, the Officiant of Doom uses himself and the mages as offerings to complete the ritual to summon Void Termina.    

During the fight with Void Termina, Kirby and friend enter the deity's body to rip out the core. They find Francisca along with Hyness, Zan, and Flamberge, trapped inside and free them, causing all of them to be ejected out of Void Termina.

Afterwards, Francisca and the other Mage-Sisters found themselves in Another Dimension. After Kirby defeats the corrupt Hyness, the trio team up and battle Kirby, blaming him for bringing Hyness' corruption. After Kirby defeats them, if he collected 100 or more friend hearts, he purifies the Mage-Sisters and Hyness of the corruption from the Jamba Heart. Following the events of "Heroes in Another Dimension", Francisca and the other Mage-Sisters redeemed themselves and became Kirby's allies.





  • Francisca is the only member of the Three Mage-Sisters who can use two elements (Blizzard and Splash) while Flamberge and Zan Partizanne have only one.
  • If a fire attack is used on one of Francisca's icicles, it turns into food.


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